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Planning & Development Division
The Planning & Development Division is responsible for issues and services affecting the physical form of the City, including:
  • Building permitting and review services;
  • Tree Protection Bylaw administration;
  • Reviewing all development applications (i.e. rezoning, development permits, development variance permits, subdivisions, etc.) ;
  • Coordinating the design and installation of infrastructure improvements and assessing and collecting Development Cost Charges and other development related fees for all new developments as required;
  • Establishing the planning and design policies that help shape the transportation system of the City;
  • Carrying out key functions include the planning and functional design of the City's transportation infrastructure of roads and traffic operation controls including traffic signals;
  • Prepare the Official Community Plan (OCP) and Area Plans;
  • Prepare the long range land use, urban design and environmental policies (e.g. agricultural, industrial, heritage, environmental, flood management);
  • Supporting City Advisory Committees regarding a variety of issues (e.g. heritage, agriculture).

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