Conservation Programs

Single Family Water Meter Program

Starting in 2014, mandatory water meters will be installed for all single-family dwellings.

Water meters will be installed by Neptune Technology Group and City of Richmond Water Services for all single-family dwellings that do not already have one. Advanced notification will be provided to flat rate customers prior to the meter being installed.

The Universal Single-Family Water Meter Program was endorsed by City Council, and is designed as a strategy for fairness and equity of water use. The program will allow residents to pay only for the actual amount of water they use, rather than being billed on the flat rate system.

For more information, contact Neptune Technology Group at 1-800-667-4387 or visit

The City of Richmond's Tax Department will handle inquiries related to your water bill only. If you have questions such as how and when you will be billed, what the water billing rate is, etc., please contact our Tax Department at 604-276-4145. All other inquires not related to billing should be directed to the Neptune Technology Group at 1-800-667-4387.

Water metering of existing duplexes and multi-family complexes will continue to be voluntary.  For more information on these programs, contact 604-276-4039.