Traffic Signals

About Traffic Signals

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The Traffic Signals Section oversees the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the City’s Traffic Signal System encompassing the following major infrastructure components:

  • Close-up of Green Traffic SignalApproximately 325 devices – including traffic signals, pedestrian signals, special crosswalks, fire signals, warning flashers, and overhead signs.
    PDF Document  Map of Traffic Signal Devices
  • Computerized Traffic Management System –  the central brains of the system that monitors and controls various functions of traffic signals from a central location.
  • Traffic Management Centre (TMC) houses the PDF Document Traffic Management System, traffic computers, specialized software, electronic test equipment, communications cable network hub, traffic video monitors and multiple workstations.
  • Communications Network – City-owned voice/data communications network to all traffic signals and various City buildings.  Includes over  120 km of copper and fibre optic cable, and a wireless network.
  • Close-up of Fire Signal HeadPriority Pre-emption Systems – priority traffic signal pre-emption for railway, transit operations and emergency vehicles, including Fire-Rescue GPS vehicle tracking.
  • Audible/Accessible Traffic Signals – devices for the visually impaired.
  • City-wide Traffic Counting System – 24 hour automated traffic counts totalling over 1,650 counting detectors from each approach lane at all Richmond traffic signals.
  • Traffic Video Monitoring – Specialized traffic "detection" cameras provide live video stream to the TMC from several intersections.

Mission Statement
To provide a safe, reliable and efficient traffic signal system in an environmentally responsible and cost-effective manner, with equitable roadway access for all users.

Traffic Signals staff can be contacted at:

Traffic Management Centre
Phone: 604-247-4616
Fax: 604-278-0547


6900 Minoru Blvd
Richmond, BC  V6Y 1Y3

The Traffic Management Centre is normally staffed from 8:15 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday to report operational or maintenance concerns.  After hours, to report traffic signal problems that urgently need attention, call the 24-hour Works Yard dispatch centre at 604-270-8721.