Industrial Waste Sewer Connections

The following information must be submitted with any application for a sewer permit to connect any existing or new premises to the City sewer system:

  1. Submit one copy of Municipal Industrial Waste Form S-2 containing the appropriate information.
  2. Submit three copies of plans showing the following:
    • Size and grade of all sewer piping, including the location of the monitoring manhole. Method of pre-treatment and connection to the sewer system to be in compliance with Greater Vancouver Sewer and Drainage District standards and the B.C. Plumbing Code. Please note that the Environmental Control Division does not allow industrial waste to be discharged to the water table, tile fields, storm sewers, or open ditches when a sanitary sewer system is available.
    • Any clean, unpolluted cooling and storm water shall be discharged to the storm sewer in an approved manner. If new piping is required to achieve the above, the plans must indicate method of piping.
    • Any waste that is not acceptable to the Greater Vancouver Sewer and Drainage District, and is not approved by the BC Plumbing Code, shall be collected in holding tanks and disposed of in a manner acceptable to the appropriate authorities.
  3. A survey of the industrial plant to determine the need for a backflow preventor is required. To protect the City water system from contamination this will take place with the sewer inspection.

A Sanitary Sewer permit will be issued after the above information is approved by the applicable City Departments.