2022 OCP Targeted Update

What’s Happening

On February 28, 2022, Council approved a targeted update to the 2041 Official Community Plan (OCP).

The OCP is a statement of objectives and policies which enable the City to plan, co-ordinate, and manage Richmond's sustainability, social, economic, and land use interests over the long term. It reflects the overall values of the community by establishing a City vision, goals, and objectives for future sustainability, development, and servicing – supported by policies and urban design guidelines to achieve the vision.

Since the adoption of Richmond’s first city wide OCP in 1986, the plan has undergone several major updates to keep it relevant and effective in light of social, demographic, environmental and economic trends and changes in community values.

About the 2022 OCP Update

The overall vision of becoming a more sustainable city and the policy direction in the OCP which aims to concentrate growth in the City Centre, near Neighbourhood Service Centres and along Arterial Roads, and protect employment and agricultural land and environmentally sensitive areas, continues to serve as a strong foundation to guide planning and development in Richmond. To support these objectives, the 2022 OCP update focuses on a targeted and measured approach for preparing the community for the challenges and opportunities facing Richmond today and into the future.

The overarching themes for the OCP Targeted Update are Resiliency, Equity and Adaptation. As essential characteristics of strong, successful communities, these themes will guide the OCP update focusing on six key target areas:

Target Areas of the 2022 OCP Update

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Project Timeline

The OCP update is currently underway and scheduled to be completed in mid-2024.
OCP Project Timeline 2022

Background & Contextual Research for Target Areas

The first phase of the OCP update will involve undertaking background and contextual research related to the six target areas. Key tasks include conducting contextual analysis on Richmond's housing market.

Resiliency, Equity and Adaptation: Policy & Program Options

Organized around Resiliency, Equity and Adaptation, the second phase will involve pulling information gathering from Phase 1 into policy options for Council consideration. Key tasks include policy review for the six target areas, report back to Council on research through a series of policy papers.

Pulling the Plan Together

The final phase will involve synthesizing materials, information, and public feedback gathering during previous phases into an updated OCP. Key tasks include consulting with the public on draft of updated OCP, presenting draft OCP to Council, and Bylaw consideration for updated OCP and accompanying Implementation Strategy.

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