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The following Bylaw Consolidations are current as of
January 1, 2023

Chapter 1 - Government and Administration

Chapter 2 - Licencing

Chapter 3 - Municipal Ticketing Authority

Chapter 5 - Finance and Budgets

  • Consolidated 5 Year Financial Plan (2024 to 2028) - Bylaw 10515 (2024)
  • Hotel Room Tax (Additional 2%) (Bylaw 6817 - 1997)
  • Municipal and Regional District Tax Imposition - Bylaw 9631 (2016)
  • Municipal and Regional District Tax Imposition - Bylaw 10269 (2021) [Effective July 1, 2022]
  • Excess or Extended Services and Latecomer Payment Interest Rate Establishment - Bylaw 6936 (1998)
  • Revenue Anticipation Borrowing (2024) Bylaw 10532
  • Alternative Municipal Tax Collection Scheme Bylaw 10178 (2020)
  • Property Tax:
  • Reserve Fund Bylaws:
  • Community Legacy & Land Replacement Reserve Fund - Bylaw 8282 (2007)
  • Consolidated Fees - Bylaw 8636 (2011)
  • Credit Card Payment Service Fee - Bylaw 9536 (2016)
  • Garden City Lands Soils Deposit Fees - Bylaw 9900 (2018)


    Chapter 6 - Land Use Bylaws

    Official Community Plan Bylaw 9000 (2012) - Schedule 1

    Official Community Plan Bylaw 7100 (1999) - Schedule 2

    The contents of these bylaws are available on this website in modified form for web viewing, see Official Community Plan

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