Part A: Procedures and Regulations

Section 1 Administration
1.1 Title
1.2 Purpose
1.3 Zoning Maps
1.4 Uses and Regulations
1.5 Previous Bylaws, Contracts and Agreements
1.6 Compliance with Other Legislation
1.7 Non-conformity
1.8 Applications in Progress
1.9 Severability
1.10 Enforcement
1.11 Table of Equivalencies

Section 2 Bylaw Amendments
2.1 City Amendments
2.2 Owner/Agent Amendments
2.3 Applications for R1 Subdivision Areas
2.4 Notification Signs
2.5 Review Process
2.6 Notification of Hearing
2.7 Resubmission Interval

Section 3 Interpretation
3.1 Rules of Interpretation
3.2 Zone Boundaries
3.3 Definitions
3.4 Use and Terms Definitions
3.5 Non-Permitted Use and Definitions

Section 4 General Development Regulations
4.1 General Provisions
4.2 Calculation of Density in All Zones
4.3 Calculation of Density in Single Detached Housing and Two-Unit Housing Zones
4.4 Calculation of Density in Town Housing Zones
4.5 Calculation of Density in Apartment Housing, Mixed Use, Commercial and Industrial Zones
4.6 Floor Area Exemption for Basic Universal Housing Features
4.7 Projections into Yards in Single Detached Housing Zones
4.8 Projections into Yards in Two-Unit Housing Zones
4.9 Projections into Yards in Town Housing Zones
4.10 Projections into Yards in Low Rise Residential Zones
4.11 Projections into Yards in Mid Rise and High Rise Residential Zones
4.12 Projections into Yards in All Zones
4.12A Projections into Heights in Single Detached Housing Zones
4.13 Town Housing
4.14 Accessory Buildings and Accessory Structures
4.15 Subdivision
4.16 Basic Universal Housing Features
4.17 Separation Between Uses
4.18 Residential Vertical Lot Width Envelope
4.19 District Energy
4.20 Riparian Management Area Protection

Section 5 Specific Use Regulations
5.1 Application
5.2 Home Businesses and Home-Based Business
5.3 Live/Work Dwellings
5.4 Secondary Suites
5.5 Bed and Breakfasts (require rezoning)
5.6 Minor Community Care Facilities
5.7 Dormitories
5.8 Hotels
5.9 Greenhouse and Plant Nurseries
5.10 Roadside Stands
5.11 Parks
5.12 Recycling Drop-Offs and Hazardous Recycling Sites
5.13 Uses Permitted in All Zones
5.14 Garage Sales
5.15 Affordable Housing
5.16 Child Care and Other Community Amenities
5.17 Noise Sensitive Areas
5.18 Commercial Vehicle Parking and Storage
5.19 Capstan Station
5.20 Short Term Rental of Dwelling Units
5.21 Cannabis Production and Cultivation in the Agricultural Land Reserve

Section 6 Landscaping and Screening
6.1 Visibility Clearance at Intersections
6.2 General
6.3 Landscape Requirements for Unenclosed Outdoor Storage Areas in Industrial Zones
6.4 Landscape Requirements in Residential Zones
6.5 Landscape Requirements in Commercial and Industrial Zones
6.6 Landscaping of Waste Management
6.7 Specifications for Landscape Construction
6.8 Fence Limitations in Residential Zones
6.9 Fence Limitations in All Other Zones

Section 7 Parking and Loading
7.1 On-Site Vehicle Parking
7.2 On-Site Parking for New and Existing Buildings, Structures & Uses
7.3 Voluntary Establishment of Parking Facilities
7.4 Use of Parking Facilities
7.5 Development & Maintenance Standards for On-Site Parking
7.6 Units of Measurement
7.7 Parking Spaces Required
7.8 Provision of Parking in Steveston
7.9 Provision of Parking in City Centre
7.10 Provision of On-Site Loading Facilities
7.11 Existing Buildings, Structures & Uses
7.12 Voluntary Establishment of Loading Facilities
7.13 Development & Maintenance Standards for On-Site Loading Facilities
7.14 Provision of On-Site Bicycle Parking Facilities
7.15 Provision of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure