Richmond Nature Park

View of the boardwalk in Richmond Nature Park

Location 11851 Westminster Highway
Richmond, BC V6X 1B4

Nature House & Park Hours 


Nature House: 9:00am-5:00pm, admission by donation
Nature Park Trails: Open from dawn until dusk

Self-Guided Nature Walk Brochure

Richmond Nature Park Infrastructure Renewals

Multiple building components in the various facilities are due for renewal, and will be replaced with new energy efficient equipment and components.

The project will include the replacement of the existing onsite septic system for the Nature House which is currently undersized for the growing number of visitors. The replacement will reduce the risk of future service interruptions and maintenance requirements. Other renewals will include fire alarm system replacement, envelope repair and replacement, and various building interior upgrades that will extend the life of the buildings and improve operations.

The Richmond Nature Park will remain open daily from dawn till dusk, with continuous access to the trails, playground, picnic shelter, and bird feeding station. The Nature House will also remain open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. throughout the duration of the renovation with possible short-term closures being made when safety is impacted.

Project Timeline: Estimated completion date Q2 2024

For more information, please contact Pratima Milaire at or 604-247-4936.

Park Usage Guidelines

The park is a very fragile environment. Note the following:

  • Dogs and other pets are not permitted and visitors are requested to remain on the marked trails.
  • No plants, plant parts or animals may be removed from the park.
  • For personal safety and the health and safety of wildlife, do not attempt to feed the animals.

Nature Park

The Richmond Nature Park consists of 200 acres of the raised peat bog habitat that once covered large portions of Lulu Island. Four walking trails totalling 5 kilometres provide visitors the chance to encounter plants and animals in bog, forest and pond habitats. The shortest trail, an elevated boardwalk around the park pond, is wheelchair accessible. All other trails are soft-surfaced with wood chips and are well-marked. A free trail guide is available in the Nature House. The park is always changing. In spring, visitors can see and hear the territorial fights of hummingbirds as bog flowers bloom below. Summer days are long and the trails are ideal for an evening stroll. Autumn brings owls, northern migratory birds and spectacularly coloured foliage. In winter, visitors can hear varied thrushes and see winter birds at the feeders or follow animal tracks in the snow.

Nature House

This interpretive centre located at the Nature Park entrance features interactive displays and games about the park, the bog and other aspects of nature. There are activity kits, an active beehive, a small collection of live animals and a gift shop.

The Nature House is open daily and an on-site naturalist is available to answer questions about nature throughout Richmond.

Hydrogeological and Biophysical Assessment

In late summer 2023, a qualified environmental consultant completed a two-year hydrogeological and biophysical assessment of the Richmond Nature Park. This study was considered an update to the 2008 Lulu Island Bog report by Davis and Klinkenberg. Its objectives were as follows:

Hydrogelogical and Biophysical Assessment Objectives

  • To provide an improved understanding of surface and groundwater systems, including seasonal and longer term changes driven by climate change and bog succession, and how these will affect the bog ecosystem
  • To provide an improved understanding of the current bog ecosystem, including its health, extents and long-term viability
  • To provide an improved understanding of current flora and fauna, including their distributions and the presence and effect of invasive species
  • To provide recommendations for long-term planning in order to preserve a healthy bog ecosystem

City staff are currently reviewing the findings of this comprehensive report to determine how they can inform future planning and management efforts. For any questions about this study, please email or call 604-244-1208.

Nature Park Educational Programs

RNP School Program


The Nature Park offers a variety of School and Home Learners Programs in addition to public recreation programs. Use the drop down arrow below to learn more about our offerings this season.

School and Home Learners Programs

Bookings for in-person park school programs are currently on hold for the fall and winter season while the Nature Park undergoes renovations. Please check back for updates regarding spring programs.

Contact the Richmond Nature Park at 604-238-6188 or for details.

3 Ways to Register

  • Select the BROWSE & REGISTER button below
  • 604-276-4300 Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5:00pm
  • In-person at any community facility. Note: Debit, cheque and cash are also accepted when registering in person.

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Become a Volunteer

Volunteers play an important role at the Nature Park assisting with educational programs, special events and park operations. Volunteer birdwatchers and botanists add to bio-inventory databases. For Nature Park volunteering opportunities see below or check out the Volunteer Richmond website. Volunteers must be 15 years or older.

Project Feeder Watch

Volunteers monitor and record the variety of bird species found at the outdoor bird feeding stations at the Nature Park from November to April. No birding experience required.

Daycamp Volunteers

Volunteers 15 years and older can assist in environmental programs during winter, spring and summer break. If you are interested in working in childcare, education, recreation and show an interest in biology, ecology, geography or environmental science, this opportunity provides valuable experience. Call the Nature House at 604-238-6188 for more information.

Special Events Volunteers

Volunteers 15 years and older can assist with various activities at special events happening throughout the year. Volunteer activities can include greeting visitors, conducting visitor counts, supervising the parking lot, face painting, craft activities, games, becoming a Nature Park mascot in costume and set-up and take-down. Call the Nature House at 604-238-6188 for more information.


Coordinator: Emily Sargent
Community Facilities Programmer:
Richard Kenny
Community Facilities Coordinator: Angela Soon

Richmond Nature Park

Richmond Nature Park Society

The Richmond Nature Park Society commits to contribute to building a community that values nature through appreciation, education and conservation.

The Richmond Nature Park Society works with the City to deliver programs and events at the Nature Park. To become a Board or Committee member, or to assist with society programs, call the Richmond Nature Park at 604-238-6188 or email

Richmond Nature Park Society Executives

  • President: Brenda Bartley-Smith
  • Secretary: James Greenhalgh
  • Treasurer: Andy Wu
  • Director: Lori Bartley
  • Director: Elmir Ismayilov
  • Director: Atul Parelkar
  • Director: Patrick Wong
  • Director: Reinaldo Cheng

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