Code of Conduct

Many of the City's sports facilities, including fields and ball diamonds are located in, or near residential neighbourhoods. Therefore, a Code of Conduct policy has been developed and applies to all athletic fields.

This code exists to ensure the equitable and fair use of sports fields within City parks and provides sports users with guidelines regarding appropriate behaviour in residential neighbourhoods before, during and after sporting events.

Review the following Code of Conduct information before booking or playing on any of the City's sports fields.

Athletic Field Code of Conduct

For the safety and enjoyment of all park users:

  • The consumption of alcohol and illegal drugs is not permitted.
  • No smoking (including tobacco, cannabis and all vapour products) at public parks and school grounds. This includes playing fields, playgrounds and trails.
  • Players, coaches and team supporters must be courteous and respectful to the residents, other park users, Caretakers, City staff and other agencies at all times.
  • Designated washroom facilities must be used at all times. Access to school washrooms is not permitted.
  • Obey all traffic and parking signs, regulations, bylaws and conditions.
  • Pick up and remove all litter generated while using the park.
  • Respect and protect public and private property.
  • Obey all park bylaws and regulations.
  • The use of field, ball diamond, tennis, basketball and lacrosse box lighting is permitted until 11:00pm (except London and Hugh Boyd parks in which lights are shut off at 10:15pm). Written authorization from the Community Services Department is required for use beyond 11:00pm.
  • Pick up after pets (dogs must be on leash at all times).
  • Sport facility access is limited to your assigned allocation times as noted on your group's rental contract. Permit holders are allowed onto their assigned area at their contract start time. All users must leave the area by the end time on their contract. The applicant will not sublet the use of their allotted sport facility time to any person, group or organization not named on the rental contract to use or occupy the field without the City of Richmond's written consent.

In addition to the above, the following conditions specific to using the artificial turf must be adhered to at all times:

  • No food or beverages except water.
  • No gum, sunflower seeds or tobacco products.
  • No pets.
  • No portable practice nets (without prior approval).
  • No metal cleats or track spikes are permitted.
  • All spectators must remain outside the fenced area. The playing field and sidelines are for players, coaches, officials and medical personnel only.

Failure to comply may result in loss of field use permits. Report any park concerns to Works Yard Dispatch at 604-270-8721.