Weather Response

rain water pooling at a catch basin partially blocked by leaves
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Ice & Snow
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High Winds
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Richmond Public Works Public Assistance

Contact Richmond's 24-Hour Public Works Dispatch: 604-270-8721

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  • Downed or falling trees on public property
  • Traffic light outages
  • Flooding in intersections
  • Water creating a hazard for motorists, such as blocking a lane or restricting visibility
  • Water pooling that could cause property damage
  • Drinking water discolouration
  • Potholes, cracks and other problems with street surfaces, sidewalks, and curbs
  • Other concerns of this nature

Please note that the blockage causing water pooling in your area may be somewhere else in the drainage system, so you may not see our crews, but they are working to fix the issue.

In Case of an Emergency

For a list of City of Richmond emergency contacts, see Who to Call in an Emergency