Drop Off and Take Back Programs

The City of Richmond works with local companies and organizations like Call2Recycle and Encorp to support BC's Product Stewardship Programs.

These programs are often called take back programs or Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs, and they are based on the principle that whoever designs, produces, sells or uses a product is also responsible for minimizing that product's environmental impact. The key participants in these programs are the BC government, local government, producers, retailers and consumers who bring their products to designated collection sites when they are at their end of life. The cost of these programs are covered by consumers and producers, sometimes in the form of a deposit or levy that is charged at the time of the purchase.

Take back programs are important as they expand the opportunities for recycling beyond the curbside collection services. Some products can be dropped off at the Recycling Depot, while others are collected by local businesses involved in product stewardship or take back programs. The following products can be recycled through take back programs:

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