Zoning Bylaw 8500

Zoning Bylaw 8500

The City of Richmond's Zoning & Development Bylaw 5300 has been repealed and replaced by Richmond Zoning Bylaw 8500, which was adopted by City Council on November 16, 2009.

Use the Richmond Interactive Map (RIM) to look up the zoning and other information for any property in Richmond. You can search by address or other property identifiers. The property will be highlighted in the map and property details will display, as well as a link to the appropriate section of our Zoning Bylaw.

Amendments to the bylaws will be updated as soon as possible following a Council Meeting:

Bylaw Amendment List

A copy of the Bylaw can be downloaded in PDF format. Links to the parts of the bylaw are divided into three sections:

Part A - Procedures and Regulations
Part B - Standard Zones
Part C - Site Specific Zones


Zoning Map (4MB)

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