Unsightly Premises & Graffiti

What is an Unsightly Premises?

An unsightly premises is characterised by the excessive accumulation of rubbish, filth and discarded materials on a property. Unsightly premises are also characterised as properties tagged with graffiti or have overgrown vegetation, including long grass.

How Does the City Regulate Unsightly Premises

The City regulates the upkeep of properties, as outlined in the Unsightly Premises Regulation Bylaw No. 7162. This bylaw states an owner or occupier of property must not allow the property to become or remain unsightly; or, cause or permit the collection or accumulation of rubbish, filth, discarded materials, noxious or offensive or unwholesome matter or substances on or around said property.

To view, print or download the full Bylaw Notice, please refer to Unsightly Premises Regulation Bylaw No. 7162 in our Bylaws: Numerical List section.


Graffiti is a costly endeavour when it damages public property, and the cost of removing it off business properties is inevitably passed on to the customer. Graffiti, when unchecked, can significantly impact the appearance of neighbourhoods and diminish the appeal of our community.

The City, through the Graffiti Hotline at 604-270-8721, is taking the lead in coordinating the report and removal of graffiti found on City-owned properties. In the case of private property, the City regulates the upkeep of properties in the Unsightly Premises Regulation Bylaw No. 7162. See City Bylaws for more information or contact us at 604-276-4000.

For more information about Graffiti see our brochure:
Document Graffiti Information (CS-B-4)

Reporting Unsightly Premises or Graffiti

Graffiti should be reported through the Graffiti Hotline at 604-270-8721.
To report an unsightly property or graffiti, head to the Customer Feedback page and select your concern through the drop down menu in Report a Problem or Request a Service.