Animal Regulations

Animal Bylaws


City Bylaws regulate dog ownership (Dog Licensing), as well as how dogs must be housed and controlled. For dog owners and dog walkers the most common regulations can be found in the City's Information for Dog Owners Brochure.

For regulation pertaining to all types of pets, farm animals or wildlife, refer to the appropriate bylaw below:


City Bylaws regulate cat ownership under Section 2.2 of the Animal Control Regulation Bylaw #7932. Refer to the links below for more information regarding both feral and indoor/outdoor cats:

Further resources for cat care and behaviour issues:

Animal Enquiries, Concerns & Investigations

For questions related to animal regulations or to report dogs off-leash, dogs running at large, stray, injured, distressed or dead animals, follow-up on a dog bite, barking dog investigation and all other emergencies, contact:

Phone line hours: Mon-Sun, 7:00am-9:00pm including Statutory holidays (except Christmas day)
After hours, call the RCMP Non-Emergency line at 604-278-1212.