Council Strategic Plan

The Council Strategic Plan 2022-2026 identifies the collective priorities and focus areas for Richmond’s City Council for the current term of office. The Council Strategic Plan allows the City to provide effective management and delivery of services in a manner that is responsive and flexible to address the current and future needs of all those who live, work and play in Richmond.

The strategic focus areas and priorities are considered to be interrelated and of equal importance. In fact, the plan highlights the interconnectedness and interdependency of many of the City’s programs, services and operations. Underpinning all of the focus areas are the themes of collaboration, leadership, and continuous improvement. As the community continues to grow and evolve, the plan builds upon the City’s strengths and addresses current and emerging issues to ensure that Richmond remains an appealing, livable and well-managed community.

City work programs are aligned with the Council Strategic Plan in order to achieve a focused and productive term of office that makes most effective use of public resources.

Focus Areas and Priorities

Council Strategic Plan - Focus Areas and Priorities

1. Proactive in Stakeholder and Civic Engagement

Proactive stakeholder and civic engagement to foster understanding and involvement and advance Richmond’s interests.

Priorities include:

1.1 Continue fostering effective and strategic relationships with other levels of government and Indigenous communities.

1.2 Advocate for the needs of Richmond in collaboration with partners and stakeholders.

1.3 Increase the reach of communication and engagement efforts to connect with Richmond’s diverse community.

1.4 Leverage a variety of approaches to make civic engagement and participation easy and accessible.

2. Strategic and Sustainable Community Growth

Strategic and sustainable growth that supports long-term community needs and a well-planned and prosperous city.

Priorities include:

2.1 Ensure that Richmond’s targeted OCP update shapes the direction and character of the city.

2.2 Develop and implement innovative and proactive solutions that encourage a range of housing options and prioritize affordability.

2.3 Ensure that both built and natural infrastructure supports sustainable development throughout the city.

2.4 Enhance Richmond’s robust transportation network by balancing commercial, public, private and active transportation needs.

2.5 Work collaboratively and proactively to attract and retain businesses to support a diversified economic base.

3. A Safe and Prepared Community

Community safety and preparedness through effective planning, strategic partnerships and proactive programs.

Priorities include:

3.1 Advance proactive, sustainable, and accelerated flood protection in collaboration with other governments and agencies.

3.2 Leverage strategic partnerships and community-based approaches for comprehensive safety services.

3.3 Ensure the community is collectively prepared for emergencies and potential disasters.

3.4 Ensure civic infrastructure, assets and resources are effectively maintained and continue to meet the needs of the community as it grows.

4. Responsible Financial Management and Governance

Responsible financial management and efficient use of public resources to meet the needs of the community.

Priorities include:

4.1 Ensure effective financial planning to support a sustainable future for the City.

4.2 Seek improvements and efficiencies in all aspects of City business.

4.3 Foster community trust through open, transparent and accountable budgeting practices and processes.

4.4 Work with all levels of governments for grant and funding opportunities.

5. A Leader in Environmental Sustainability

Leadership in environmental sustainability through innovative, sustainable and proactive solutions that mitigate climate change and other environmental impacts.

Priorities include:

5.1 Continue to demonstrate leadership in proactive climate action and environmental sustainability.

5.2 Support the preservation and enhancement of Richmond’s natural environment.

5.3 Encourage waste reduction and sustainable choices in the City and community.

5.4 Support agriculture and local food systems to enhance food security.

6. A Vibrant, Resilient and Active Community

Vibrant, resilient and active communities supported by a wide variety of opportunities to get involved, build relationships and access resources.

Priorities include:

6.1 Advance a variety of program, services, and community amenities to support diverse needs and interests and activate the community.

6.2 Enhance the City’s network of parks, trails and open spaces.

6.3 Foster intercultural harmony, community belonging, and social connections.

6.4 Support vulnerable populations through collaborative and sustainable programs and services.

6.5 Enhance and preserve arts and heritage assets in the community.

Achievement Highlights for the 2018-2022 term

View the Council Strategic Plan achievement highlights for the 2018-2022 term below:

Council Strategic Plan Achievement Highlights (detailed)
Council Strategic Plan Achievement Highlights (overview)