Application Forms and Information

Important! New fee increases effective January 1st of each year. Refer to City Bylaws, Chapter 5 - Finance and Budgets - Consolidated Fees Bylaw 8636.

Additional City requirements can be found in the Development Applications Bulletins.

Development Permit Application

Development Permit Application Supporting Documents: Notice to Development Permit Applicants, Schedule 1 - Site Disclosure Statement (fillable pdf available on Province of BC - Site remediation forms).

Development Application

Rezoning Application

Servicing Agreement

Subdivision Application

Letter of Authorization

Change an Existing Development Application

Steveston Village Heritage Conservation Area

Heritage Alteration Permit Application

Heritage Revitalization Agreement Application

Official Community Plan Amendment

Temporary Use Permit

Development Cost Charges (DCCs) & Growth Fees

The following list includes currently applicable DCC and growth fees, as well as what types of development they pertain to.

City-Wide Development Cost Charges

City DCCs are charged on all applicable developments to fund approved capital upgrades necessitated by growth.
Applicable Development Types: All types of development.
Rate: See City Bylaw 10161 for current rates. For how the area of each applicable development type is calculated and charged, please reference bulletin DEVAPPS-06.

2022 Major DCC Bylaw Update

The City is currently preparing a major DCC Bylaw update. A copy of the staff report on the on the proposed major DCC update can be found here: 2022 Major Development Cost Charges Program Update

If you are interested, the presentation materials are available - Nov 30 DCC Engagement Session.

For information on the forthcoming rate change and in-stream protection for applications, please refer to bulletin INFO-56.

Alexandra Area Supplemental Development Cost Charge

Applicable Development Types: All types of development within the Alexandra sub-area. See Schedule A to Bylaw 9499 for boundaries.
Rate: See City Bylaw 9499 or appendix 1 for current rates

Metro Vancouver DCC

DCC collected by the City on behalf of Metro Vancouver. GVS & DD DCC is for regional sewerage and drainage upgrades and GVWD DCC is to fund growth-related expansion of regional drinking water infrastructure.  
Applicable Development Types: All types of development.
Rates: See Metro Vancouver DCC website for rate table & bylaw details and map of different sewerage areas.

Translink Regional Transit DCC

DCC collected by the City on behalf of Translink. This charge is to pay for regional transit upgrades and is applied to all new development in Translink’s Service Region.
Applicable Development Types: All types of development.
Rates: See Translink DCC website for rate table and bylaw details.

School Site Acquisition Charge

A charge collected by the City on behalf of School District No. 38 (Richmond) to fund future school site acquisition. Applicable Development Types: All types of development.

Rates: Rates vary based on density of development. See bulletin INFO-22 for current rates.

Annual DCC Report

2022 Annual Development Cost Charges Report and Appendices

Board of Variance Applications

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