Fishing Piers & Boating

Richmond is made up of a group of islands located at the mouth of the Fraser River. The city is surrounded by water with the Fraser River to the north, east and south and the Strait of Georgia to the west, so it is only natural that there are numerous piers and docks along the waterfront trails.

There are five major locations for viewing pier/platforms, fishing piers and fish floats along the trail system. Enjoy a day outside reeling in a big catch! Each of these piers offers a unique view of the Fraser River with picnic tables at each location.

Note: A Tidal Waters Fishing licence is required to fish off any pier, dock, float or along the river's edge of the Lower Fraser River at all times. Apply for a licence online from Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

South Arm of the Fraser River - Piers & Docks

Expand the following sections to learn more about public pier, dock and moorage opportunities along the South Arm of the Fraser River.

Britannia Shipyards Dock

An excellent view of the Fraser River can also be enjoyed from the wharf at Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site. Located at the south foot of Railway Avenue, the heritage dock is not available for public moorage

Visit the Britannia Heritage Shipyard Wharf to learn more.

Imperial Landing Dock

Imperial Landing Dock is open to the public year round for self-serve transient moorage and recreational fishing.

Located along the popular Dyke Trail, the dock provides recreational boaters an opportunity to visit the picturesque Steveston Village and for passersby to enjoy the excellent views of Steveston’s inner harbour. Visit Imperial Landing Waterfront Park to learn about the surrounding park and landside dock access.

Facility Description
  • The dock is 183 m. / 600 ft. in length with an average draft of 4.3 m. / 14 ft. 3 in.
  • The east and west ends of the dock (7.6 m. / 25 ft. on each side) are designated as recreational fishing zones. Moorage is not permitted in these areas.
  • Power is located in power kiosks along the outside edge of the dock. Power is available in the form of two 50A, two 30A, and a single 120V/15A power receptacle. Water services are not provided.
  • The Transient Moorage Program allows for moorage for a maximum of 3 days within a 14 day period.
  • Moorage is available on a first come, first served basis. Advanced booking is not available.
  • Moorage is permitted along the outside/channel side of the dock in the designated areas.
  • Moorage on the inside of the dock is strictly prohibited without prior approval from the City.
  • The City of Richmond reserves the right to remove a vessel from the dock at any time.
  • The moorage rate is $1.50/foot per 24 hours.
  • Payment is required upon arrival and can be made at the moorage meter located on the pier.
  • Payment can be made by credit card only.
  • The vessel name or licence (bow) number is required for valid moorage.
Dock Rules
  • Use of the dock is at your own risk.
  • Fishing is permitted in designated areas only and requires a valid Tidal Waters Fishing Licence. Apply for a licence online from Fisheries and Oceans Canada.
  • Dumping of black or grey water is strictly prohibited.
  • Quiet Hours are 10:00pm to 7:00am.
  • The City of Richmond reserves the right to close the dock for maintenance or special events. Notice will be posted.
Community Partner

Imperial Landing Dock is operated in partnership with the Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site Society. Proceeds from moorage support the operation of Imperial Landing Dock and Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site.


This facility is managed under the Wharves Regulation Bylaw No. 10182. To report a Bylaw infraction at Imperial Landing Dock, email or call 604-276-4345.

Fishing at Imperial Landing

Fishing on the Imperial Landing Dock is permitted only in the marked zones at the west and east dock ends.

No. 2 Road Fishing Pier & Float

A historic area at the start of the South Dyke Trail with views of Steveston Island (aka Shady Island) and the historic Cannery Channel. Picnic tables, washrooms, interpretation signage and parking available.

No. 3 Road Sports Fishing Pier

A large fishing pier with panoramic views of the Fraser River, Ladner, Mount Baker and river traffic. Parking and washrooms available.

North and Middle Arm of the Fraser River - Piers and Docks

Expand the following sections to learn more about public pier, dock and moorage opportunities along the North and Middle Arm of the Fraser River.

No. 7 Road Pier

A restored former barge loading pier, open grass area, woodlot and small beach. Washroom and parking available.

Mitchell Island Pier

Currently closed to public access.

Middle Arm Waterfront Greenway Piers

Located on River Road at Cambie Road and Hollybridge Way, this park features two piers, an amphitheatre, multiple accessible play areas for children of all ages, public art installations, lush native plantings, waterfront benches and access to UBC Lecky Boathouse and the Richmond Olympic Oval.

McDonald Beach Boat Launch Ramp

McDonald Beach Boat Launch is located on the north bank of Sea Island at the end of McDonald Road. Facilities include two ramps, public washrooms and picnic tables. Call 604-244-1208 or email for more information.

The boat launch is open from sunrise to sunset daily. Refer to for sunrise and sunset times, 365 days of the year to plan arrival and departures accordingly.

Be advised that fees apply to the boat ramp, which can be paid at the meter onsite or through the purchase of an annual permit of $110 for Richmond residents OR $165 for non-Richmond residents plus GST.

Apply for or Renew an Annual Permit

Complete the following online form:

Annual Permit Application

Daily Parking and Launch Rates

Fees for the daily use of McDonald Beach parking and boat launch are payable at the meter onsite. Rates for daily use are as follows:

  • $12 boat launch fee per use
  • $12 parking fee on the day of boat launch
  • Additional $12 per day for continued parking (vehicle and trailer)

Call 604-276-4345 or email at for more information.

Get Your Boat Licence

A Pleasure Craft Operator Card is required to operate power-driven boats and watercraft in Canada - it’s the law.

Every person who operates a motorized boat in Canada must obtain proof of competency. Obtain a Pleasure Craft Operator Card by passing a Transport Canada Accredited boating safety test, which show proof of being a competent boater and ensures the understanding of Canada’s navigation rules and how to boat safely.

Boaters can obtain their official Pleasure Craft Operator Card, commonly known as a boat licence or boat card, by successfully passing the BOATsmart! exam, found online at