Scotch Pond

Scotch Pond is located in Garry Point Park on the tidal flats of Sturgeon Bank, on a western extension of Chatham Street. The site consists of a pond, originally a slough, dredged in the early 1950s and connected by a channel to the Strait of Georgia. Along with the pond are the remains of wooden boardwalk pilings which run directly along the south edge of the pond and were constructed in 1899 as part of the Scottish Canadian Cannery operation. Scotch Pond was purchased by the City in 1989 and designated a heritage site in 1992. Learn about the important history of Scotch Pond in the Statement of Significance.

The facility consists of a dredged pond, a net shed built on pilings and approximately 588 meters (1750 feet) of moorage floats and net racks. The interior of the building contains seven storage compartments and a small office area and gear storage compartments.

Since 1993, the site has been operated by the Scotch Pond Heritage Cooperative as a moorage facility for fishing vessels. The site and moorage facilities are not open to public.

Location and Contact:

12011 7th Avenue
Richmond, BC V7E 4X2
Phone: 604-238-8050