Current Programs

HB - Public Art - wall muralPhoto caption: Carolyn Wong, A Fisherman's Dream

Richmond's Public Art Programs exemplify the City's dedication to beautifying public spaces and fostering community ties through art.

Our programs connect artists with community organizations, fostering dialogue and cultural enrichment. Join us in celebrating Richmond's artistic innovation and community spirit.

Explore Richmond's commitment to public art through our diverse range of programs:

Community Mural Program The Mural Program adds vibrancy to highly visible public spaces as it fosters community connection and cross-cultural exchange across generations. Annually, a Call for Walls is announced and interested property owners/managers can apply to have a mural on their property by submitting a Property Owner Application by the annual deadline; contact Public Art staff for details. If successful, City staff will work with the applicant to match them with a pre-qualified artist to create the mural. Property owners agree to maintain the mural for a minimum of five years.


  • Mural locations must be located in Richmond and be visually accessible to the general public
  • Private single family residences and properties are not eligible
  • Mural projects must follow the mural guidelines
  • Murals on heritage buildings may require a Heritage Alteration Permit

Artists interested in participating in this program must apply to be included in the Community Mural Artist Roster, updated biannually. Visit the Artist Calls page to learn more.

No. 3 Road Art Columns The cylindrical backlit display cases that make up the No. 3 Road Art Columns are located under the Canada Line guideway at Aberdeen and Lansdowne Stations. These unique displays showcase artwork by visual artists who work in 2D media and are part of the City’s commitment to enhance the No. 3 Road streetscape.

The program was launched in 2010 in partnership with the Appia Group of Companies, in collaboration with InTransit BC. Since then, the program has featured the work of dozens of local artists with rotating exhibitions that change twice a year.

Artists interested in participating in this program can visit the Artist Calls page to learn more.

Urban Infrastructure Art Program The Urban Infrastructure Art Program transforms otherwise undistinguished elements of public infrastructure -- such as utility boxes and construction hoarding -- into welcome encounters with art in everyday life.

Often in partnership with the City’s Engineering and Transportation service teams, as well as with other community partners, Public Art matches opportunities to pre-qualified artists in the creation of art wraps that reflect and celebrate Richmond’s natural heritage and vibrant communities.

Artists interested in participating in this program must apply to be included in the Urban Infrastructure Art Program Artist Roster, updated every two years. Visit the Artist Calls page to learn more.

Artist Designed Access Covers On roadways throughout Richmond, people on foot and on bikes are sure to notice several different decorative access covers in their midst. They enhance the urban streetscape and are intended to contribute to a sense of place, remembrance and pride for years to come. These functional works of art are the result of two commissioning projects:
  • In 2014, the “Cover Stories” art contest resulted in four designs selected from more than 150 entries and 200 covers (50 of each) were fabricated with sponsorship support from Westview Sales Limited.
  • In 2018, an additional three designs were commissioned to acknowledge Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation. At this time, an additional 180 manhole covers (60 of each) were fabricated.

The seven artist-designed covers continue to be installed as needed for replacements, and in the construction of new roads.

Capture: Canada Line Public Art Project

Capture: Canada Line Public Art Project

Annually, Richmond Public Art and the Richmond Art Gallery co-present artwork Canada Line stations in Richmond as part of the Capture Photography Festival. New works are installed in the spring and remain in place for a year. Learn more about the current installations at the Capture Festival website.
Engaging Artists in the Community The Engaging Artists in Community Program connects artists with socially-oriented art practices with Richmond-based community organizations. Community-based artworks can express a shared goal or theme and provoke dialogue on ideas related to cultural identity, social history or the environment. The projects can leave a physical or social legacy and may include, but are not limited to: public performances, sculptures, participatory art installations, hands-on art activities, workshops, exhibitions, digital media based artwork and other socially engaged art forms.

Interested Community Partners can contact Public Art staff to submit and application to engage an artist. If successful in their application, City staff will work with them to define the artist opportunity and lead an artist selection process.

  • Richmond Public Art will provide $10,000 for each commissioned project budget. An additional $1,000 will be provided for artist project materials.
  • Community Partners have the option to contribute additional funds.
  • Project duration can be a minimum of six months to maximum of 12 months.
  • This program will not commission community murals. (See the Community Mural Program, above, for more information.)

Artists interested in participating in this program can visit the Artist Calls page to learn more.