Resident Art Groups

The Richmond Arts Centre is home to several groups that meet there regularly to hold a variety of classes and workshops while advancing their art form. All groups welcome new members. Contact any of the groups listed below for more information.

For general information about Resident Art Groups, call the Richmond Arts Centre at 604-247-8300.

Current Resident Art Groups:

Chinese Artists Association of Richmond

Contact: Sean Chan or seanctam@hotmailcom

Richmond Artists Guild

Contact: Margot Dsouza

Richmond Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Club

Contact: Lucy Yeou

Richmond Gem and Mineral Society

Contact: Lisa Kew

Richmond Photo Club

Contact: Julian Rozental

Richmond Potters Club

Contact: Brenda Greczmiel

Richmond Weavers & Spinners Guild

Contact: Anke Hanemaayer

Textile Arts Guild of Richmond (TAGOR)

Contact: Vickie McLeod

Website: TAGOR