Road Naming Criteria

The City of Richmond receives a great many recommendations for naming new roads in Richmond. While the opportunity to name a new road does not occur very frequently, the City welcomes all suggestions from the public.

A list of potential names is maintained by the City in accordance with the established policies and procedures approved by City Council. In order to be included on the list names must meet the following Road Naming Criteria:

  1. Road names are to have local significance; for example, a pioneer family name (Gilmore); a local activity (Garden City Road); a historical personage (Van Horne); a physical feature (Dyke Road); or other similar local association.
  2. Names of prominent pioneer residents or families are particularly suitable.
  3. Names of living persons shall not be precluded from inclusion on the primary or secondary road name lists.
  4. Names of minority ethnic groups are to be represented.
  5. Road names will be used, as far as possible, within the geographic areas with which they are associated; where addresses are from the main street, the cul de sacs maintain the main street name insofar as possible.
  6. Road names shall be reasonably easy to spell and pronounce, and shall have no adverse connotations.
  7. Road name suggestions shall be accepted from all sources, including societies, organizations, pioneers, and individuals.
  8. Exceptions to the road naming criteria may be made, for example, to maintain a theme name in an established area.

If you would like to nominate a name for consideration, please compile all of the necessary background information to support your recommendation, and send it to:

Property Records Clerk
City of Richmond
6911 No. 3 Road
Richmond BC V6Y 2C1

Alternatively, recommendations can be e-mailed to