Intersection Video Footage Request

Traffic Cameras

Video cameras at many City of Richmond locations are a major road safety and traffic management initiative positively impact road users in Richmond by providing:

  • The City more accurate data for traffic planning
  • Footage available for purchase to those who request it

The City works closely with the Provincial Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC) to ensure the City is in compliance with regulations including:

  • Signage will identify each intersection with recording cameras
  • Camera resolution will not provide images that identify facial or licence plate data


View the map of all traffic intersection cameras in Richmond.

Requesting Camera Footage

  • The online request form is available on MyRichmond (the single sign-on City of Richmond portal)
  • Prior to making a request, please contact City of Richmond’s Traffic Signals section at or 604-247-4616 to ensure footage is available
  • The cost of footage is $394 plus GST and service charge per location
  • Video must be ordered within 20 days of the recording date
  • The City purges video footage after 30 days

News Releases & Reports to Council

Date Title Agenda Item # Meeting Minutes
Apr 28, 2021 News Release:
Intersection video cameras to positively impact road users in Richmond
Feb 14, 2020 Report to Council:
Traffic Intersection Cameras Implementation Planning
7 Minutes
Dec 11, 2017 Report to Council:
Closed Circuit television (CCTV) for Signalized Intersections in Richmond
21 Minutes

For more information, email or call 604-247-4616.