About ePlan Submissions

ePlan enables paperless development applications through a web-based system to submit, review and approve development-related drawings and documents.

ePlan accepts Servicing Agreement, Private Utility, Site Service Connection and Transportation project drawings and documents. 


Servicing Agreement drawings and supporting documents must be submitted electronically through ePlan. After the application is processed by the City, you will be provided with login procedures.

Benefits of the ePlan System

The benefits of ePlan are:

  • Reduced review times;
  • Improved tracking, reporting and accountability; and
  • Reduced resource use (paper, printing, vehicles, gasoline, storage etc.).

How ePlan Works

The ePlan system works by allowing developers' consultants to upload drawings and supporting documents for the City’s review and approval. The system allows submissions to be digitally circulated to all relevant City departments for concurrent review and comment. Once all staff comments are coordinated, consultants are notified to download the review comments, modify the submission as required and upload the revised submission for further review or final approval.

Final approval is granted when all comments have been addressed and all related requirements have been met. Approval is signified by an approval stamp that is added to each plan. Following approval, drawings may then be downloaded by the consultants for construction.

Access ePlan

To access the system and login visit ePlan Servicing Agreements Submissions.

For more information email eplanSA@richmond.ca or phone Natalie Cheah at 604-276-4084 or Jeff Craddock at 604-276-4090.