Sea Island Community Centre


Location 7140 Miller Road
Richmond, BC V7B 1L4

Facility Hours

Regular Hours

Mon, Tue, Fri, Sat, Sun: Closed
Wed: 9:00am-noon / 4:30-5:30pm
Thu: 9:00am-noon
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Facility Information

Sea Island Community Centre includes a community hall and playground and is located in Burkeville on Miller Road, which diverts off the north end of Russ Baker Way. The Community Association also uses the Sea Island School Gymnasium and utilizes the nearby tennis courts and Burkeville Park facilities.

Sea Island Community Association

This non-profit volunteer-driven group works in partnership with the City of Richmond to provide educational, cultural, social and recreational programs, events and services to members of the Sea Island community. Visit for more information.

Annual General Meeting

Everyone is invited to attend the Sea Island Community Association’s Annual General Meeting at the Sea Island Community Centre in November of each year. Share in the reporting of the past year, meet Sea Island’s Board of Directors and learn about the plans for Sea Island for the upcoming fiscal year. Sea Island members and non-members are encouraged to attend the AGM to learn more about the Sea Island Community Association, voice your needs and support the improvement of services. Sea Island’s members are eligible to vote at the AGM.

View/download the 2022 Sea Island - AGM 2022 for additional reference.

Vision Statement

Sea Island is a heritage community with spaces and services that encourage a healthy life for its connected, caring and engaged neighbours.

Purpose Statement

“We improve Sea Island life for the community by bringing people together, being a voice for the community, and influencing programs & projects. We are neighbours who get things done.“

According to our Constitution the purposes of the Society are:

  1. To operate and maintain, in conjunction with the Richmond Municipal Council, the Sea Island Community Hall for the benefit of all Sea Island residents.
  2. To promote interest in the educational, cultural, social and recreational endeavors of the community.
  3. To promote the interests of the residents of the Sea Island in Municipal and Community affairs and to provide a forum therefore.

Community Association Executive

President/Director: Tamás Revoczi
Vice President/Director: Lori Cockerill
Secretary/Director: Iain McCarthy
Treasurer/Director: William (Bill) Atkinson
Directors: Barbara Rowland, Hannah Peters, Jenny Jarvenpaa, Brandon Mules

Community Development

To engage with the Sea Island residents within the Sea Island Community Association’s mandate and relevant issues to develop and increase community connectedness and advocacy.


To improve communications by opening channels with relevant, accessible content for the purpose of informing and engaging positive community connection and transparency amongst SICA, primary Sea Island stakeholders and the Burkeville community.

Special Events

To build community and strengthen relations between neighbours by facilitating and supporting the Special Events that are held in Burkeville and to engage the community in organizing events.


To consult with and provide direction to City staff in the development, planning and evaluation of Sea Island Community Association programs. These programs feed the neighbourhood physically and emotionally and provide funding for all the other SICA endeavours.


The Sea Island Community Association (formerly known as the Sea Island Community and Ratepayers Association) was formed near the end of WWII under the leadership of President Mr. Milton Windrim and then officially incorporated as a non-profit society under the BC Societies Act in 1990.

“The Sea Island Community Council was an original idea of the Wartime Housing Company to develop and foster a healthy community spirit in their brand new "villages." First elected in 1945, the Sea Island Community Council had already worked towards an elementary school, better health facilities, and improving the streets. One of the first actions by the Community and Ratepayers Association was to create a kindergarten class in the Community Hall.”

(excerpt from page 41(37) of Mary Keen’s book: “A Bridge to the World: The Life and Times of Sea Island“)


Volunteers play a key role in all aspects of the operation of the Sea Island Community Centre. The Board of Directors oversee all activities of the Association including the collection and payment of all program revenues and expenses. Committees (comprised of community representatives) provide input and support to the Association along with City staff to ensure the community's needs and expectations are met. If you have a great idea that you think we should work on, fill out the ‘Get Involved’ form at and let us know about how you would like to contribute!