Heritage Conservation

Heritage is a legacy inherited from the past and valued in the present and which helps interpret and shape the future. Conserving and celebrating heritage strengthens the community's sense of place and unique identity.

Agricultural Fair (ca 1910)Agricultural fair, ca. 1910, showing the Richmond community and Agricultural Hall and Richmond Methodist Mission Church (now Minoru Chapel) in background, CRA1984-17-78)”.

Richmond history is deeply rooted in fishing and agriculture and its proximity to the river that has shaped the community's growth. Indigenous Peoples were drawn here by the richness of the land and continue to hold important connections to the area. In the late 1860s, settlers began to arrive and inhabited the land. Richmond was incorporated as a municipality on November 10, 1879.

Richmond has also been the centre of aviation in British Columbia. Proximity to the airport has been a major factor in Richmond's ongoing development. To learn more about Richmond's history, please review the Suburban History report.

Richmond's heritage is reflected in various buildings and places and also in intangible resources from these eras. Together these resources contribute to the unique identity and heritage character of Richmond.

The City's 2041 Official Community Plan includes policies to preserve, promote, and celebrate community heritage, and commemorate tangible and intangible heritage resources. The City also adopted a comprehensive heritage conservation program for Steveston Village in 2009 and uses a variety of planning tools to conserve heritage for future generations.

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Aerial view of Brighouse area including Richmond Municipal Hall in 1955Richmond Municipal Hall, the Brighouse Racetrack Grandstand, Brighouse Lacrosse Box and Granville Avenue (1955) - City of Richmond Archives 1977 - 00001-00062