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Richmond Official Community Plan, Area Plans & Implementation
Titles Cost
Schedule 1 of Bylaw 9000
Overall City OCP, November 19, 2012

Attachment 1 - OCP Land Use Map
Attachment 2 - Environmentally Sensitive Area Map
Schedule 2 of Bylaws 7100 and 9000 Area and Sub-Area Plans
Richmond is divided into 19 separate Planning and Sub-Planning Areas. Each Area Plan presents goals, objectives and policies specific to that area, and outlines the steps necessary to implement the plan. A profile of each area is also presented.
2.2A Thompson (Dover Crossing)
Original Adoption: July 20, 1992
Plan Adoption: February 19, 2001
2.2B Thompson (Terra Nova)
Original Adoption: January 8, 1996
Plan Adoption: February 19, 2001
2.4 Steveston
Original Adoption: April 22, 1985
Plan Adoption: June 22, 2009
2.5A Blundell (Laurelwood)
Original Adoption: October 16, 1995
Plan Adoption: February 19, 2001
2.5B Blundell (East Livingstone)
Original Adoption: June 17, 1996
Plan Adoption: February 19, 2001
2.6A Broadmoor (Ash Street)
Original Adoption: March 10, 1986
Plan Adoption: February 19, 2001
2.6B Broadmoor (Central West)
Original Adoption: March 18, 1996
Plan Adoption: February 19, 2001
2.6C Broadmoor (Sunnymede North)
Original Adoption: August 26, 1996
Plan Adoption: February 19, 2001
2.8A Shellmont (Ironwood)
Original Adoption: March 10, 1997
Plan Adoption: February 19, 2001
2.10 City Centre
Original Adoption: June 19,1995
Plan Adoption: September 14, 2009
2.10A City Centre, (St. Albans)
Original Adoption: June 8,1987
Plan Adoption: February 16, 2004
2.10B City Centre, (Acheson Bennett)
Original Adoption: March 20, 1995
Plan Adoption: February 16, 2004
2.10C City Centre, (McLennan North)
Original Adoption: July 15, 1996
Plan Adoption: February 16, 2004
2.10D City Centre, (McLennan South)
Original Adoption: May 12, 1996
Plan Adoption: February 16, 2004
2.11A West Cambie
Original Adoption: September 12, 1988
Plan Adoption: July 24, 2006
2.11B East Cambie
Original Adoption: September 12, 1988
Plan Adoption: October 21, 2002
2.12 Bridgeport
Original Adoption: March 16, 1992
Plan Adoption: September 14, 2009
2.13A East Richmond (McLennan)
Original Adoption: May 12, 1987
Plan Adoption: February 16, 2004
2.14 Hamilton
Original Adoption: June 19,1995
Plan Adoption: February 25, 2014

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Development Reports
Titles Cost
Active Development Permits and Rezoning Applications For Richmond
(updated monthly) This document lists, by planning area, all projects for which either a development permit or rezoning application is currently active.

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Land Use Planning Reports
Titles Contact Cost
Richmond Agricultural Viability Strategy
  1. Agricultural Viability Strategy Report, May 2003
    The Strategy contains over 60 recommendations to manage the City's agricultural lands for long-term viability.
  2. Agricultural Profile, January 2002
    The purpose of the Profile is to provide the wide range of information regarding the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). The Profile will be updated from time to time.
  3. Agricultural Survey Report
    The purpose of the survey report is to summarize residents views regarding how the ALR should be planned and managed.
Policy Planning $10.00



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Environment Reports
Titles Contact Cost
Fraser River Estuary Management Program (FREMP)

Statement of Intent Area Designations, Last Revision June, 2006

Documents the agreements reached between the City of Richmond, the Fraser River Harbour Commission and Federal and Provincial Departments that are involved in the Management Program. Areas to be designated under FREMP are categorized, and areas of agreement and disagreement are identified.

All project / development proposals in designated areas will be subject to a Coordinated Project Review Process established by FREMP.
Policy Planning $7.50

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Heritage Reports
Titles Contact Cost
City of Richmond & Richmond Heritage Advisory Committee - Heritage Conservation Guide

The Heritage Conservation Guide is a framework for staff, the public and the Heritage Advisory Committee, describing how the City handles development applications where there are heritage resources present.
Policy Planning $5.00
Heritage Inventory Summary, January 2002

The City of Richmond Heritage Inventory is a database of the important heritage resources in Richmond. It documents these buildings, artifacts, landscapes and areas in order to increase awareness about Richmond's past. The publication provides a short summary for each resource, organized by area, along with a map to show the heritage resources of the area. The detailed Evaluation Worksheets for each resource along with an interactive search function can be viewed in the Heritage section of the city's website. For more information contact the Heritage Planner at 604-276-4279.
Policy Planning Free
Heritage Strategy & Implementation Program, April 1996

This document contains the 1996 Heritage Strategy for Richmond approved by Council on June 10, 1996.

It includes:
  • the Vision and Strategy Priorities prepared by consultants and adopted by Council in 1995;
  • the Implementation Projects prepared by the Richmond Heritage Advisory Committee; and
  • the Costing Data prepared by a consultant working with staff.
Policy Planning $5.00
The Steveston Village Conservation Program - Conservation Strategy - Managing Change, January 23, 2009 Policy Planning $10.00

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City of Richmond Annual Report
Titles Contact Cost
2018 City of Richmond Annual Report

The City of Richmond 2018 detailed Annual Report meets legislated requirements and includes complete financial statements and notes, Council Term Goals and Objectives, a summary of the City's awards for 2018 as well as relevant statistical data. There is also an abbreviated version available with highlights of the report.

The Annual Report and the abbreviated version are available on line thru the City website at
Finance Single copy no charge

Multiple copies $5.00

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Social Planning Reports
Titles Contact Cost
2001 - 2006 Richmond Child Care Needs Assessment, June 2002

This Needs Assessment, prepared by the Child Care Development Board for the City of Richmond:
  • projects Richmond child care needs from 2001 to 2006;
  • prioritizes the development of school-age spaces across the City, as well as birth-to-five spaces in certain areas;
  • identifies barriers to quality care experienced by parents and child care providers;
  • explores child care policy beyond Richmond's borders; and
  • presents recommendations for action on child care services for City Council, key stakeholders and partners.
Community Services Free
2001 2026 Demographic Profile/Needs Assessment, Seniors Affordable Supportive Housing, May 2003

This report provides a demographic profile of seniors and assesses seniors affordable supportive housing and support service needs in Richmond until 2026. Those considered most likely candidates for affordable supportive housing are 75 years and older, single, low income, renters. It is recommended that the development of supportive housing be phased, in anticipation of a much larger increase in the 75+ population after 2011. It is estimated that 800 units should be created by 2011, and 1,200 additional units created between 2011 and 2026, or approximately 87 units per year to 2026.
Community Services Free
Advocacy and Legal Services for People Living in Poverty in Richmond, January 2003

This report, prepared by the Poverty Response Committee of the Richmond Community Services Advisory Committee (RCSAC):
  • describes poverty in Richmond;
  • explores legal and advocacy services in Richmond;
  • provides examples of advocacy services in other municipalities; and
  • presents recommendations for the City of Richmond.
Community Services Free
Affordable Seniors Supportive Housing Design Guidelines, November 2002

These design guidelines provide a framework to help guide the planning, design, review and approval of seniors supportive housing in the City of Richmond. They are intended to be used by local community groups, architects, developers and municipal staff involved in the planning and development of both private and not-for-profit seniors housing in the City.
Community Services Free
City Strategy For Youth Services, June 26, 1995

The City Strategy for Youth Services report (adopted June 26, 1995) sets the attitude and direction for addressing the City's role with, and for, youth. The City Strategy is a collaborative initiative involving the City, community agencies, and youth. It represents the views and interests of Richmond's youth, and its implementation includes participation from community organizations, boards, schools, and youth. Since the Strategy's adoption, five implementation progress reports (July 12, 1996, February 13, 1997, and February 6, 1998, March 12, 1999) have been presented to City Council.

($5.00 charge sold as package, i.e. main report with most recent update. Update alone $2.50)
Community Services Package:

$5.00 Each Separate Update:

Housing & Care, A Directory of Assisted Housing Facilities in Richmond (revised as needed)

This brochure identifies the following types of assisted housing available in Richmond:
  • assisted rental housing for families and individuals;
  • assisted rental housing for seniors;
  • cooperative housing for families; and
  • residential care facilities.
Information includes name, address, contact information, unit types, and location maps.
Community Services Free
Its My City Too: A Study of the Housing Needs of Richmond's Most Vulnerable Citizens, May 2002

Richmond has little housing and inadequate support for many of its most vulnerable citizens. Individuals and families have few alternatives except to search for accommodation in Vancouver, Surrey or further away. This study, prepared by the Richmond Steering Committee on Homelessness, includes an analysis and Homelessness Strategy. A proposed Action Plan focuses on five themes:
  • upgrade and increase emergency shelter capacity;
  • create supportive housing for at-risk groups;
  • increase community awareness;
  • increase support to local services; and
  • continue leadership on affordable housing.
Community Services $2.00
2004-2010 Richmond Intercultural Strategic Plan and Work Program

As a result of community consultations spread over more than a year, including stakeholder and public forums as well as focus group sessions, the Richmond Intercultural Advisory Committee developed the 2004 – 2010 Richmond Intercultural Strategic Plan and Work Program. The Strategic Plan was approved by Richmond City Council in October, 2004.

The Intercultural Strategic Plan includes a vision for interculturalism in Richmond, that of making Richmond "the most welcoming, inclusive and harmonious community in Canada", along with guiding principles for action. It presents twelve strategic directions accompanied by suggested actions for implementation. It also proposes roles for the City and various stakeholders in promoting intercultural harmony in the community.
Community Services Free
Poverty in Richmond: A Sense of Belonging, A Poverty Report Card, November 2000

This report, prepared by the Richmond Community Services Advisory Council (RCSAC) with funding from the United Way, presents information about poverty in Richmond. Findings include:
  • In 1996, 22.9% of all families had incomes below the Low Income cut-off, the measurement used by Statistics Canada. Over 1/5 of all Richmond families lived in poverty. Nearly 1/3 of all children lived in poverty. In that same year, Richmond had one of the highest poverty gaps in the country.
  • Richmond neighbourhoods with the highest incident of poverty among economic families in 1996 were Cambie West (39%), Bridgeport (32%) and City Centre (28%).
Community Services Free
Richmond Poverty Response Committee Report to Richmond City Council, January 2002

In 2001, the Richmond Poverty Response Committee was formed following the publication of the report card on poverty in Richmond, Poverty in Richmond: A Sense of Belonging. The mandate of the committee was to follow up on the findings of the Report Card with community driven action. This report to Richmond City Council contains a series of recommendations prepared by four Poverty Response task forces: Housing, Advocacy, Access to Recreation, and Families.
Community Services Free
Richmond Public Art Program, Policy Plan & Implementation

Actions, June 23, 1997 and amended September 14, 1998

This report sets a framework for creating opportunities for people to experience art in everyday life and for developers, artists and communities to participate in the design, look, and feel of our City. The report outlines public art initiatives for civic (capital works) projects, private sector (e.g. developers), and the community.
Community Services $5.00

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Transportation Reports
Titles Contact Cost
City Centre Transportation Plan Update - Creating a Transportation Vision

The City Centre Transportation Plan was established to set out the directions for implementing future sustainable transportation improvements to support the increased activities and developments within the Richmond urban core area. Both the original Plan (adopted by Council in 1997) and this update to the Plan (adopted by Council in 2007) involved extensive technical assessment and public consultation. This Vision document summarizes the key findings and recommendations for the updated Plan, which identifies the future improvements in roads, transit, cycling, parking, and pedestrian facilities along with their priorities for implementation.

This document is a valuable resource for those who are interested in residing, working or investing in the City Centre area bounded by the Middle and North Arms of the Fraser River, No. 2 Road/Gilbert Road, Blundell Road, and No. 4 Road/Garden City Road.
Transportation $3.00

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Engineering & Public Works
Titles Contact Cost

Drafting Standards, August 2002

These standards regulate how design drawings are to appear. The drawings will be digital and on the enclosed CD there is a prototype sheet, PCP file, existing and proposed symbol libraries, line type folder, version 2 blocks and a signals directory. The written portion of the document describes in detail the layout, scales, layers, fonts and other drawing parameters. An example of a recently submitted drawing can be purchased from the Engineering Planning Department.

Requirements for as constructed are also detailed.

Drafting Standards (digital format) are available on request. Contact Iris Absolon at or 604-247-4926.

Engineering & Public Works Free (digital format)
Engineering Design Specifications

Engineering Design Specifications are to be used as a guide for capacity assessments and the minimum design standard requirements for both Municipal Capital Projects and Subdivision and Development Services Design. This publication includes specifications for the following areas.
  • General Requirements
  • Field Survey
  • Storm Drainage
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Water Distribution
  • Roadway Lighting
  • Roadworks
  • Street Tree and Boulevard Planting
  • Water Course Crossing

Design Specifications are available on the website to download at no charge, printed copies are available for purchase.

Engineering & Public Works $122.00

Free (digital format)
Supplementary Specifications and Detailed Drawings

The Supplementary Specifications and Detail Drawings are used in conjunction with the drawings and specifications as prepared for, and applicable to each individual Contract or Development Project. This publication provides standards for the construction and installation of the following services:
  • Storm Sewer;
  • Sanitary Sewer;
  • Water;
  • Street Lights;
  • Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter;
  • Roads/Lanes and Walkways;
  • Traffic Signals; and
  • Tree Planting/Landscaping.
This publication is to be used in conjunction with The Master Municipal Construction Documents (MMCD) available from Support Services Unlimited, Phone: 604-681-0295.

Supplementary Specifications and Detailed Drawings are available on the website to download at no charge, printed copies are available for purchase.

Engineering & Public Works $122.00

Free (digital format)

The City has implemented a Quality Control Program to establish the minimum testing requirements of construction materials for both development and capital construction. Additional testing may be required to verify the results or supplement the minimum testing.

This publication is to be used in conjunction with the Master Municipal Construction Documents (MMCD) available from Support Services Unlimited, phone 604-681-0295, and the City's Supplementary Specifications and Detail Drawings available for purchase from the City.

Engineering & Public Works Free

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Maps - Planning & Development
Type of Map Cost
Agricultural Land Reserve Map colour (33"x23"), Current $6.00
Area Plan Boundaries Map colour (33"x23"), Current $6.00
Parcel Base Map (33"x23"), Current $6.00
Flood Plain Exemption Boundary Map colour
(33"x23"), Current
OCP Aircraft Noise Sensitive Development Policy Map and Attachment Colour (33"x23"), Current


Official Community Plan Maps
(33"x23") Current
Attachment 1 - OCP Land Use Map Colour
Attachment 2 - Environmentally Sensitive Area Map Colour

Surficial Geology Colour (scale:1:30000 18"x28"), January 1996 $4.00
Zoning Information Sheet - Large b/w (scale:1:2000 24"x24"), Current $5.00
Zoning Map - Coloured (33"x23"), Current $6.00

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Maps - Engineering & Public Works

Computer Section Maps: (1/4 mile square)
Type of Map Description Map Size Cost
Drawing Prints (As-Builts)

As-constructed drawings showing existing utilities A-1

B Size

Large Street Maps Single line street map showing all Richmond Streets 57"x36" $10.25 each
Small Street Maps Single line street map showing all Richmond Streets 34"x22" $7.50 each
Custom Mapping Contact at 604-204-8556 $76.50 per hr
GIS Data Requests Non-refundable Data Request Fee
First Layer*
Each Additional Layer*

Digital download of GIS layers of Municipal Works of City of Richmond

Contact at 604-204-8556



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Please Note:

All maps are updated yearly. Single sheet maps are available immediately. The prices for the Engineering plans are non-refundable.

As built requests can be sent to please include the following:
1) Address

2) Screen shot of area of interest from Richmond Interactive Map (RIM).

By clicking the link to RIM you are accepting our Terms of Use. For the full text see Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

3) Utilities of Interest (ex. water, storm, roads, etc.)

Private Utility Information can be accessed by contacting BC One Call - 1-800-474-6886 Or Cellular *6886.