Local Area Services Program

A Local Area Services Program is a neighbourhood improvement paid for by the owners of the properties benefiting, with some assistance from the City.

Typical Local Area Services Programs

  • Provision of gutters and sidewalks
  • Street light installation
  • Ditch enclosures
  • Trees planting

Local Area Services Program Examples

Chatterton Road from Gilbert Road to Grandy Road, along both sides.

Improvement includes, ditch elimination, construction of curb, gutter & sidewalk, installation of street lights, and planting of trees.

Minler Road from Francis Road to Lucas Road along the west side.

Improvement includes, ditch elimination with the construction of storm sewer, restoration of City boulevard to seeded top soil.

How do I initiate a local area services program?

Contact Serene Pang at 604-276-4394.

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