Richmond Parks System

Fire Rating in Parks - LOW

The Parks System

Richmond is renowned for its high quality parks and recreation facilities. The city has an extensive system of 140 parks that provide sports and recreation amenities in every neighbourhood and total approximately 2,153 acres (871 ha) of park land.

The Richmond Parks system is divided into three categories: City, Community and Neighbourhood.

City Parks

City parks are unique places designed and developed for the enjoyment of all city residents as well as visitors to Richmond. These sites usually contain major recreation facilities or features of a specialized nature. City parks include Minoru Park, Garry Point Park, Terra Nova Rural Park and Natural Area, Richmond Nature Park, Brighouse Park, McDonald Beach Park, Britannia Heritage Shipyard Park and London Heritage Farm.

Community Parks

Designed to meet diverse community needs, community parks contain a wide variety of recreational and sports facilities. Most community parks have a unique playground and some other specialized facility, for example Hugh Boyd has a pitch and putt golf course, King George Park features a beautiful stand of tall heritage trees, a covered picnic area and a waterpark, Steveston Park has a natural wooded area, an outdoor pool and waterpark and South Arm Park has an outdoor pool with water slides.

Neighbourhood Parks

Intended to meet the needs of residents within walking distance of their homes, neighbourhood parks are primarily school park sites with neighbourhood-oriented facilities. These parks are made possible in part due to a partnership between the City and the School Board and are equipped with facilities such as play equipment and lower level playing fields for recreational and junior level sports. Many of these parks have other sports facilities, for example basketball and tennis courts.

Find a Park

Find A Park

The City's searchable parks database allows for parks to be searched by name, neighbourhood and/or amenity type providing a list of parks and features that meet individual search criteria. Visit Find a Park to access this database.

Designated Park Activity Areas

Under the Public Parks and School Grounds Regulation Bylaw No. 8771, the following activities are only permitted in designated areas.

BBQs and Camp Stoves

Fire Rating in Parks - LOW

Open Fires, Wood and Charcoal Barbecues/Stoves

Open fires, wood and charcoal barbecues and stoves are NOT allowed in any Richmond park or on any beach.

Natural Gas & Propane Barbecues/Stoves

Natural gas or propane barbecues and stoves are NOT allowed in any Richmond park or on any beach, except in the designated areas at the following parks:

  • Garry Point Park (12011 7th Avenue) - PDF Map
  • King George Community Park (4100 No. 5 Road) - PDF Map
  • South Arm Community Park (8680 Williams Road) - PDF Map
  • McDonald Beach Park (3500 McDonald Road) - PDF Map

Temporary, Pop-Up Park Shelters

Pop-Up park shelters will be in place mid-May through September. Locations include:

  • Dover Park (5580 Lynas Lane)
  • Steveston Community Park (4111 Moncton Street)
  • Garden City Park (6620 Garden City Road)
  • McLean Park (22500 McLean Avenue)

Download the following 2023 Pop-Up Shelter Map for the exact location of the shelters in each of the parks listed above.

Contact for more information about pop up shelters.

Dogs Off-Leash Areas

Dogs must be leashed in all Richmond parks, except in designated Dogs Off-Leash Areas. Visit the Dogs In Parks page for a list of Dogs Off-Leash Areas.


Playing golf or using golf clubs for any purpose is not allowed in any Richmond park, except at the West Richmond Pitch & Putt Golf Course in Hugh Boyd Community Park. Visit the West Richmond Pitch & Putt page for more information.

Model Aircraft and Drones

All types of model aircrafts, including fixed-lined-controlled, radio-controlled, power-launched and drones/unmanned aerial vehicles are not allowed in any Richmond park, except in designated areas.

Fixed-Lined-Controlled Aircraft

Radio-Controlled Aircraft

Drones/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Drones/unmanned aerial vehicles are not allowed in any Richmond park.

Power Kiting Activities

Power Kiting activities are not allowed in any Richmond park, except in the designated area at Garry Point Park (12011 7th Avenue). PDF Map

Power kiting

What is Power Kiting?

Garry Point Park is approved for Power Kite use by the City of Richmond. A power kite or traction kite is a large kite designed to provide significant pull to the user. Power kites are generally used in conjunction with a buggy or board, such as in:

  • Kite buggying on a purpose-built three-wheeled cart
  • Kite landboarding on an all-terrain/mountain/land board
  • Kite skating on all-terrain roller skates

Power kites can also be used recreationally without a buggy or board, as in kite jumping or kite man lifting, where a harnessed kite flier is moored to the ground or one or more people to provide tension and lift. Anyone who uses a foil kite or leading edge inflatable kite to power a buggy, landboard, roller blades, skis or simply scudding and static flying are considered to be power kite pilots and require a permit to use power kites in Garry Point Park.

The North American Power Kiting Association (NAPKA) aims to support power kite activities throughout North America. The organization’s mission is “to develop and promote the following segments of wind powered traction kiting in North America (kite buggies, all-terrain bikes/landboards, dirt surfers and kite skates) by working with the public and local authorities to keep and/or open new areas for our pilots to participate in their activities safely”.

Code of Conduct
A Code of Conduct and a permit system for power kiting at Garry Point Park has been developed to ensure that power kite operators have committed to operating their buggies in a safe manner that respects other park users.

  1. Safety helmet with visible permit sticker must be worn at all times when participating in any form of land-based power kiting.
  2. Power kite operators must be in control at all times and use caution around park users.
  3. Park users have the right of way.
  4. Power kites shall only be operated in accordance with the North American Power Kiting Association (NAPKA) safety guidelines.
  5. Power kites and other equipment shall not cross the perimeter paths.
  6. Only permitted power kite operators can operate equipment.
  7. Power kite operators shall avoid other kite lines. Running into kite lines can be dangerous for the operator and other parks users.
  8. Power kite operators shall not operate equipment in a careless, reckless or otherwise dangerous manner that may pose a hazard to persons or property.
  9. Power kite operators shall not operate equipment while under the influence of alcohol or judgment impairing drugs.
  10. The City of Richmond reserves the right to prohibit power kiting during scheduled programs and events.

Obtain a Power Kiting Permit

A non-refundable Power Kiting Permit can be obtained via mail or in person:

  • Payment must be made by debit, credit or cheque only. Cheque payable to: City of Richmond
  • Drop off or mail your application to:
    City of Richmond
    Parks Department, 5599 Lynas Lane,
    Richmond, BC V7C 5B2
    Attention: Power Kite Permit
  • For lost permit stickers, a replacement sticker may be obtained at Community Services, Parks Department for a nominal fee.

More Information

Contact the Parks Department at or 604-244-1208.


Public Covered Outdoor Space

Get outside and stay dry under one of the City's twelve outdoor shelters available for informal public use at the following park sites:

Roof overhangs and extensions at the Minoru Centre for Active Living, Richmond Library and Cultural Centre, Minoru Arenas, Steveston Tram, Richmond City Hall, Brighouse Park concession and Cambie Community Centre offer additional informal outdoor sheltered public space.

As per the City’s Public Parks and School Grounds Regulation (Bylaw No. 8871), be reminded that these sites are open to the public between 5:00am and 11:00pm, or as otherwise posted.

Special Places

Inclusive play, water play, picnic and rest areas can be found in places such as the Middle Arm Waterfront Greenway and London's Landing, the Sports Fishing Pier and the No. 7 Road Pier. Check out the sections below for more information.

McDonald Beach - Sunset

Inclusive Play Areas

Park spaces that offer play for all abilities are key in creating an inclusive and welcoming community. There are a number of inclusive play environments in Richmond that contain a range of features from outdoor musical instruments to wheelchair accessible platforms. Below is a list of inclusive play spaces in Richmond that offer fun for all ages and abilities.
* Denotes may require assistance

Grauer Neighbourhood School Park

Address: 4440 Blundell Road Playground location: Adjacent to RM Grauer Elementary School, on the west side, within the school park
Getting there:
Driving: Barrier free parking is available nearby
Transit: Bus #401 and #406

Inclusive play features:
  • Flush playground entry
  • Music play
  • Interactive panels
  • Spinners
  • Transfer platform

Hugh Boyd Community Park

Park address: 9200 No. 1 Road Playground location: Adjacent to the outdoor tennis courts in the centre of the park
Getting there:
Driving: Barrier free parking is available nearby
Transit: Bus #401 and #406

Inclusive play features:
  • Continuous flush poured-in-place rubberized surfacing
  • ADA ramp to a raised platform with interactive panels
  • Playhouses
  • Seesaw with hand grips*
  • Spinner bowl*
  • Saucer swing*
  • Barrier free pathway to the top of a hill with a large sand play area complete with sand tables and a large shade structure

King George/Cambie Community Park

Address: 4100 No. 5 Road
Playground location: On the north side of Kathleen McNeely Elementary School (Note: There is also a playground beside the waterplay area that includes wheelchair entry ramps, interactive panels and other inclusive features)
Waterplay location: On the south side of the parking lot off of Cambie Road
Getting there: Driving: Barrier free parking is available near the playground / waterplay area
Transit: Bus #405 and #410

Playground inclusive features:
  • Poured-in-place rubber surfacing
  • ADA ramps to raised platforms
  • Roller slide and slide transfer
  • Interactive nature discovery table
  • ADA bridge with guardrails
  • Music play including bongos
  • Interactive panels
Waterplay inclusive features:
  • Continuous and flush poured-in-place rubber surfacing
  • Button activated water spray play elements

Middle Arm Waterfront Greenway

Inclusive Play - Middle Arm GreenwayThis 1.9 km linear park overlooks the Middle Arm of the Fraser River and is connected with a meandering greenway that offers universal access for multiple modes of active transportation and spectacular views of the North Shore Mountains. There are three sensory-focused play spaces that range in size from 40 to 225 square meters dispersed along 400 meters of the greenway offering a variety of playful experiences.
Address: 7411 River Road Playground location: Between Gilbert Road and Cambie Road, along the riverfront and near the John M.S. Lecky UBC Boathouse
Getting there:
Driving: On street parking is available nearby
Transit: Bus #401, #403 and #414 (Note: The closest bus stop is an approximate 12 to 16 minutes walk from the playground)

Inclusive play features:
  • Poured-in-place rubber surfacing
  • ADA access ramp
  • ADA transfer station
  • Tug boat with 2 slides, observation deck, interactive sounds and a bell to ring
  • Sound amplifying discs
  • Winding colourful pathways through ornamental grasses

South Arm Community Park

Address: 9020 Garden City Road
Playground location: Adjacent to the outdoor tennis courts in the centre of the park
Getting there:
Driving: Barrier free parking is available nearby
Transit: Bus #408 and #413

Inclusive play features:
  • ADA ramps to raised platforms with interactive panels
  • Tunnel through a mound
  • Accessible pathway to the top of a mound with a bridge
  • Seesaw with back support*

Steveston Community Park

Address: 4011 Moncton Street
Playground location: the southwest corner of the park, east of the Tram building
Getting there:
Driving: Barrier free parking is available nearby.
Transit: Bus #401, #402 and #413

Playground inclusive features:
  • Accessible boardwalks connecting a village of playhouses
  • Diggers
  • Trawler with accessible ramps leading to raised platforms with a captain’s wheel
  • Ring spinner*
  • Seesaw with back support*
  • Train with seating and tables*
Waterplay inclusive features:
  • Continuous and flush, paved surface
  • Button activated water spray play elements

Terra Nova Rural Park and Adventure Play Environment

This unique and immersive playground is situated among trees and former farm fields adjacent to the Fraser River with a wide range of wildlife nearby. The park setting and playground include a network of continuous, level, gravel-surfaced trails, bridges and boardwalks.
Address: 2340 River Road
Playground location: The northwest corner of the park, west of the slough and south of River Road
Getting there:
Driving: Barrier free parking is available nearby.
Transit: Bus #401 (Note: The closest bus stop is an approximate 23 minute walk to the closest bus stop)

Inclusive play features:
  • Entry ramps
  • Spinner bowls*
  • Saucer swing*
  • Water play pump (coming soon)
  • Raised sand table


Water Play Areas

Water play areas are open in the following parks during summer months through to the second week in September. Visit the Spray Parks and Waterplay areas page for specific open and close dates for the following sites:
  • Steveston Community Park
  • King George Community Park
  • Lang Neighbourhood Park
  • Burkeville Neighbourhood Park
  • Dixon Neighbourhood/School Park

Trails and Linear Parks

In addition to parks, Richmond has a 200-acre recreational trail system. Visit our Recreational Trails and Cycling section for more information.

Community Gardens

A community garden is a shared green space maintained by community garden members to grow food, flowers and other plants. These spaces provide opportunities for city residents to grow food and to meet new friends, share knowledge and build community. Each garden site is divided into small plots that are rented each season by individuals or community groups to tend and enjoy. The food grown in each plot belongs to the registered gardeners and cannot be used or sold for any commercial purposes. Gardeners grow food and flowers, share knowledge with each other and the community and celebrate the seasons through social gatherings.

The Community Gardens in Richmond are managed in partnership with Urban Bounty. Call 604-244-7377 or visit the Urban Bounty website for more details, including plot sizes and prices, garden rules and how to join the wait list for this popular program.

Garden City Lands Community Gardens opening - Apr 04, 2022

Field Sports and Outdoor Facilities

Sports Playing Field Reservations

All sports groups or associations wanting to use outdoor sports facilities/areas should obtain a field use permit in advance. Regular sports groups should contact their local scheduler to find out about available times and fields. Contact Sports Services for more information.

Community Sports

Call 604-276-4383 and then press 4 for Community Sports information or refer to the list of Community Organizations. Community sports in Richmond are made possible due to the dedicated efforts of a large network of volunteer organizers, fundraisers and coaches.