Adult and Child Recreational Hockey

Recreational Hockey

Note: Richmond Arenas offers adults (19+ years) recreational hockey sessions and organized hockey leagues. Photo ID required at time of check in.

  • Advanced registration required for these sessions (drop-ins welcome if space permits)
  • Registration for the following week’s sessions starts online at 6:00am and through the Registration Call Centre at 8:30am on the Monday one week prior
  • Regular admission prices apply with payment required at the time of booking

Registered Visits - Richmond Ice Centre

A CSA-approved hockey helmet and full hockey equipment are mandatory to be worn in these programs:

Registered Visits - Stick and Puck - Adults

Work on shots, stick handling and other skills independently without the pressure of a game. Participants must bring sticks and pucks.

Registered Visit - Hockey - Adults

Scrimmage in game play with with other hockey enthusiasts.

Registered Visit - Hockey - 55+ and 65+

Scrimmage in game play with other hockey enthusiasts.

A CSA-approved hockey helmet with cage and full hockey equipment are mandatory to be worn in this programs:

Stick and Puck - Adult and Child (12 years and under)

Focus on individual hockey skill and development. No games allowed. Players must use own sticks and pucks. Parent and child must register together.


Helmets are approved for each sporting activity for best protection during specific skating and ice-related activities. Sport specific helmets cannot prevent all head injuries in all sports. Helmets have a certification from CSA that lasts for only a certain time period. Ensure you are protecting yourself by checking that your helmet's CSA certification is current. For all skating and ice-related sports, it is strongly recommended that a hockey helmet be worn.