About Sports & Community Events Services

Sports and Community Events Services provides leadership and support for sport organizations, community groups, non-profit agencies and for profit promoters involved in hosting outdoor activities, tournaments, festivals and events in Richmond. This includes the coordination of all requests to use School Board playing fields and gyms and City-owned parks and other properties.

Sports Services staff work in consultation with the Richmond Sports Council and community sports groups to assist with the coordination of services and space required for sporting events.

Organized sports are made possible in Richmond through a network of volunteer organizations. Visit the Community Organizations page to find information about sports teams and registrations.


Search the Calendar of Events to find sports events hosted by the public, or other events throughout the city.

Sports Field Information

Sports Field Open/Closed Status: Daily Field Report
Fax: 604-244-1242

View Sports Field Bookings for more information about sports field rentals and tournament applications. View Event Planning Resources for information about planning an event in Richmond.

View the Clement (Minoru) Track and Field Meet Schedule for April and May 2024.

Richmond Sports Wall of Fame

For information about previous award recipients and how to nominate athletes, teams and coaches, visit:

Richmond Sports Wall of Fame 

Sports & Community Events Services Staff

Mandy Hadfield
Manager, Sports and Community Events rentals@richmond.ca 604-204-8550
Ross Sakai
Coordinator, Community Events
rentals@richmond.ca 604-233-3305
Brendan Walker
Coordinator, Sports Services rentals@richmond.ca 604-244-1266

Events/ Rentals Office 5599 Lynas Lane, Richmond,
British Columbia,V7C 5B2
rentals@richmond.ca 604-233-3304 604-247-4464