Building our Social Future

Updating the Social Development Strategy

The City is currently updating its Social Development Strategy. The updated Strategy will build on and advance the progress made by the 2013–2022 Social Development Strategy and continue to guide the City’s approach to addressing the social needs of Richmond’s diverse population over the next 10 years. On Apr 11, 2023, Council approved the following guiding principles, which will guide the Project Team and the Advisory Committee through the different phases of the Strategy’s development.

Guiding Principles

  1. People-Centred: Ensure the people who live, work, learn and play in Richmond are at the centre of the strategy’s development and implementation. This includes utilizing an evidence-based and data-informed approach, considering both quantitative and qualitative information that values people’s knowledge and lived experiences.
  2. Collective Impact: Develop a shared vision with aligned strategic actions that promote collaboration across the community to draw on strengths from various levels of government, community agencies, non-profit organizations, the private sector and individual residents to achieve the best possible social outcomes for the Richmond community.
  3. Overarching Framework: Provide an overarching framework to guide the City’s approach in addressing city-wide issues related to social development and align with existing City strategies, plans and policies that address and affect social development.
  4. Inclusive and Accessible: Commit to and facilitate public engagement processes that are inclusive and accessible that allow for a wide range of experiences and perspectives to be heard and considered in the design, implementation and evaluation of the strategy.
  5. Accountable: Consider the roles and mandates of those involved in implementing the strategy to ensure actions and mechanisms for demonstrating progress and social impact are reliable, realistic and transparent.
  6. Responsive: Ensure the strategy is based on current need, while being future-focused and proactive and developed in a manner that allows for agile, innovative and responsive action.

Social Development Strategy Timeline

Ways to Get Involved

The City will be hosting a number of public engagement opportunities to ensure that community members, key stakeholders and partners, and community organizations have an opportunity to provide input on the social needs and priorities of the Richmond community.

Online Survey

Visit Let's Talk Richmond to learn more and complete the survey.
The survey is available from Mon, Jun 5 to Sun, Jul 2, 2023 at 11:59pm.

Start the survey

Printed Survey

Surveys are available to download at Let's Talk Richmond or upon request at Printed copies of the survey are also available at the following locations:
  • Cambie Community Centre, 12800 Cambie Road
  • City Centre Community Centre, 5900 Minoru Boulevard
  • Minoru Centre for Active Living, 7191 Granville Avenue
  • Richmond Cultural Centre, 7700 Minoru Gate
  • Steveston Community Centre, 4111 Moncton Street
Completed copies of the survey can be dropped off at the front desk at the locations listed above.

Pop-up Events

Connect with Community Ambassadors who will be at various pop-up locations throughout Richmond:
  • Wed, Jun 7 | 5:00 – 8:00pm | Minoru Park
  • Sat, Jun 17 | 11:00 a.m. – 2:00pm | King George Park
  • Sat, Jun 24 | 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 pm | Steveston Community Park
  • Tue, Jun 27 | 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 pm | Richmond Cultural Centre Plaza

Richmond’s Social Development Strategy

Richmond is an inclusive, engaging and caring community – one that considers the needs of its present and future generations, values and builds on its diversity, nurtures its social capital and treats its citizens with fairness and respect.

On September 9, 2013, Richmond City Council adopted the Richmond Social Development Strategy. The Strategy is intended to guide the City’s decisions on social development matters over the next 10 years. It is also intended to be a resource for external stakeholders which:

  • Identifies social development priorities for City attention between now and 2022;
  • Clarifies the roles of the City and other stakeholders with respect to addressing particular social development topics; and
  • Provides a foundation for a more integrated, coordinated, and sustainable approach for social development in Richmond for the future.

Building Our Social Future 2013-2022


As Richmond and the region continue to grow and develop, the type and nature of social issues being faced are becoming increasingly complex and challenging (e.g. homelessness, addictions, growing income inequality). The City is not in a position to "do it alone" in responding to social issues – it needs be strategic, adopt appropriate roles, and work in partnership with other stakeholders. The Social Development Strategy is intended to help the City in defining its future social course.

Social Development Strategy Framework

The Strategy consists of a vision, three major goals, nine strategic directions and 53 recommended actions. The actions are divided into ongoing, short (0-3 years), medium (4-6 years) and long term (7-10 years) timelines. The City’s role is specified for each action, and proposed partners to participate in the work are also identified.

Guiding Principles

  • Support the City’s Corporate Vision
  • Enhance Social Sustainability
  • Engage the Community
  • Complement, interests, policies, programs, services and funding priorities
  • Be strategic, visionary and realistic
  • Focus on assets and recognize social capital
  • Be flexible and resilient
  • Provide benefits to Richmond residents and external stakeholders


The Community Social Development Department assumes primary responsibility for implementing the Social Development Strategy. The Strategy articulates a body of well-defined actions to be achieved within specified time frames and defines roles and expectations for the City and key stakeholders. Social Development Strategy progress reports measure the City’s progress on achieving the Strategy’s ongoing, medium and long-term actions.

Building Our Social Future - Progress Report for 2021
Building Our Social Future - Progress Report for 2020
Building Our Social Future - Progress Report for 2019
Building Our Social Future - Progress Report for 2017-2018
Building Our Social Future - Initial Progress Report 2013-2016


For more information, please contact:
Claire Adamson,  Manager, Community Social Development

Phone: 604-247-4482

Kim Somerville, Director, Community Social Development

Phone: 604-247-4671