Remembrance Day

HB - Remembrance Day

2023 Ceremony

Thank you to everyone who took part in 2023 Remembrance Day Ceremony at City Hall. Check back in November 2024 for next year's details.

Ceremony Videos

These archived videos preserve the memories of solemn Remembrance Day ceremonies from years gone by.

2023 2023 Remembrance Day Ceremony (1hour 23 minutes)
2022 2022 Remembrance Day Ceremony (1hour 12 minutes)
2021 2021 Remembrance Day Ceremony (38 minutes)
2020 2020 Remembrance Day Ceremony (22 minutes)

We Will Remember Them

The City’s cenotaph is a monument that serves as a daily reminder to honour those who hailed from Richmond and died for our country in times of war.

Remembrance Day - Cenotaph

We Will Remember Them: The lives behind the Richmond Cenotaph is a publication from the City of Richmond Archives that delves into who these young men were.

Visit the virtual exhibit: We Will Remember Them