Law & Legislative Services

Law Section

The Law Section is responsible for:
  • providing advice to City Council and staff regarding the City's legal rights and obligations
  • ensuring bylaws presented to City Council for adoption are legally correct
  • preparing legal documents for the acquisition, sale or lease of real property
  • preparing legal documents related to Development Applications and Building Permit Applications
  • negotiating, preparing and reviewing contracts and other legal documents on behalf of the City ensuring that the City is represented in court proceedings in which it is involved.

This Department is also responsible for overseeing the City Clerk's Office.



Legislative Services - City Clerk's Office

The City Clerk's Office is part of the Legal & Legislative Services Division and serves as a secretariat for Council and its Committees. The City Clerk's Office performs administrative functions including:

  • agenda preparation
  • recording of minutes,
  • processing and certifying by-laws
  • record management and distribution of records
  • making records available to the public

The Clerk's Office is responsible for the preservation of all Council and Committee records, through a records management and archives system which documents the history of Richmond.

The City Clerk is responsible for the administration of civic and school district elections and for the conducting of public referenda.

The City Clerk's Office is the initial contact for members of the community wishing to access the City administration and government on a wide variety of issues, including: processing citizens' petitions, complaints and requests to Council, and processing requests for information under the Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy legislation.


City Clerk's Office

Archives, Privacy and Disclaimers


Bylaw 7400

The City of Richmond Archives is governed by Corporate Records Management Program Bylaw 7400 which came into effect July 29, 2002. Bylaw 7400 sets out the terms and scope of activities of the City of Richmond Archives as the official repository for the inactive public and private records of enduring and historic value to the City of Richmond and the community as a whole. It is the work of the City of Richmond Archives to preserve and protect these records and to make them accessible to City officials and the public.

The Archives acquires both public and private records by scheduled transfer, gift, bequest, purchase, exchange or any other action by which title to the material passes to the Archives, with the understanding that ownership is held in trust for future generations.

You are encouraged to follow the link to Bylaw 7400 and read it in its entirety as it provides a picture of the stewardship the City of Richmond exercises over City government and community records during their lifetime. For more information, visit the City Archives section.

Visit Privacy and Disclaimers for information about:
  • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOI) Copyright
  • Privacy Policy, Disclaimer & Link Policy
  • Making a Claim With the City