Bylaws Conservation

Bylaws Conservation Treatment Project

As part of the City of Richmond's 125th birthday in 2004, the City of Richmond Archives undertook a major conservation project to ensure the long-term preservation of some of our most historic records.

The City of Richmond Bylaws were identified as a high priority for conservation treatment as they document the beginnings of civic government in our community at the time European settlers were becoming established in the west.

Pre-treatment bylaw

Paper will deteriorate over time but in the case of the earliest bylaws (dating from 1880), natural aging was accelerated by the damage they sustained when they were nearly destroyed in a fire that engulfed Richmond Town Hall. Consequently, in their pre-treatment condition even gentle handling might have resulted in permanent damage as the paper in the bound bylaw volumes was acidic and embrittled. As a result of treatment undertaken by Conservator Rosaleen Hill, the City of Richmond's earliest bylaws now have an increased life expectancy and Archives staff can safely handle the original records.

You can learn more about the important conservation processes involved in cleaning and restoring the City of Richmond's first 196 bylaws by clicking on the link below to view Rosaleen Hill's Bylaws Conservation Treatment Project Report.

Bylaws Conservation Treatment Project Report