Manoah Steves Elementary School

In 1964, Manoah Steves Elementary School (1964- ) began as an annex to Dixon Elementary School. In 1975, it became an independent Kindergarten to Grade 7 school.

Manoah Steves Elementary School
in 2004.
City of Richmond Archives
Photograph 2004 43 135.

Manoah Steves Elementary School, 2004.
Manoah and Martha Steves, ca. 1873.

Manoah Steves and his wife
Martha, circa 1873 prior to
their move to Lulu Island.
Photograph courtesy of
Harold Steves.

Manoah Steves (1828-1897) and his wife Martha left New Brunswick in 1868, moving first to Ontario and then to Maryland in the United States. On his arrival in British Columbia in 1877 Steves purchased 400 acres in the southwestern portion of Lulu Island. 

Steves was one of those who petitioned the province for the incorporation of Richmond as a municipality in 1879 and served on its first Council.

His descendants, including Harold Steves, a long-serving Richmond City Councillor, have continued to farm a portion of his land up to the present day.

Because of the proximity of his farm to the fishing village that emerged in the southwest corner of Lulu Island, the community was named Steveston in honour of this pioneer. Steveston Secondary and Steves Elementary were given his name as well.