W.D. Ferris Elementary School

W.D. Ferris Elementary School (1960- ) began as annex to Errington Elementary in 1960 and by 1979 was operating as a separate Kindergarten to Grade 7 school in the Sunnymede subdivision.

W.D. Ferris Elementary School, ca. 1977.

An aerial view of W.D. Ferris Elementary School in 1977.
City of Richmond Archives Photograph 1978 26 162. 

William Douglas Ferris (1815-1892) arrived on Lulu Island in 1866 after having lived in New Westminster for a short period, as well as in Eastern Canada. He and his family are acknowledged to be the first European settlers on Lulu Island and he was one of those who lobbied the provincial authorities for the incorporation of Richmond as a municipality. Ironically, he was ineligible to sign the official petition because, by the time the petition was to be signed, he had sold his property and moved back to New Westminster where he became mayor.