Tomsett Elementary School

Tomsett Elementary School, 2004.

Tomsett Elementary School in 2004.
City of Richmond Archives Photograph
2004 43 7.

Tomsett Elementary School (1959- ) began as a four-room primary annex in 1959 and, after further room additions, became a Kindergarten to Grade 7 school in 1988. 

 F.A. Tomsett, 1929.

F.A. Tomsett was Reeve of
Richmond in 1929 when this
photograph was taken. City of
Richmond Archives
Photograph 1985 19 13.

Frederick Arthur Tomsett (1882-1954) was born and raised in England and arrived in Richmond in 1911.

He served ten years as municipal Councillor and became Reeve in 1929. Through his efforts, Richmond received acreage at No. 3 Road and Granville Avenue for Brighouse Park, which became the focal point for lacrosse activity within the municipality.