Input for Community Gardens

Input for Community Gardens

The City of Richmond is seeking resident’s feedback on the implementation of its citywide Community Garden Program for 2023. This year, the focus is on addressing the growing need for community gardens in the Hamilton and West Cambie neighbourhoods.

Residents can learn more about the program and offer thoughts, ideas and feedback on the City’s engagement platform until Sunday, June 4.

The goal of this engagement is to hear from residents, specifically in Hamilton and West Cambie neighbourhoods, about their level of support, diverse values and needs to help identify suitable locations for community gardens in their communities. 

Your input is valuable and will directly contribute to and shape City plans for future community gardens. Please review the information boards on before answering the survey questions.

About the Citywide Community Garden Program
Community gardens are member-maintained, shared green spaces with individual and group plots for growing food, flowers and other plants. The gardens provide low-barrier opportunities for residents of all ages and abilities to grow plants. The food, flowers, and other plants grown in each plot belong to the registered gardeners, and cannot be used or sold for any commercial purposes. Community gardens help to create welcoming, safe and inclusive communities, and allow residents to feel connected to nature and with one another. 

Through a partnership with the City, Urban Bounty will administer the community garden sites as well as construct the garden beds, provide soil and garden tools through their own funding efforts. Urban Bounty will also oversee the ongoing management of the gardens including administering the wait list for new gardeners.

In 2019, Council supported the creation of new community garden plots to meet the desires of Richmond residents for space to grow food and garden. In 2022, the Cook Community Garden expansion added 40 new plots. That same year, three new community gardens were built along the Railway Greenway with 96 plots in total.