Cattail-like Typha artwork installed on Dyke Trail in Richmond

Cattail-like Typha artwork installed on Dyke Trail in Richmond

Typha, the new public artwork by artists Charlotte Wall and Puya Khalili, is now installed and on display near the Richmond Olympic Oval.

Composed of three shiny sculptural forms that resemble cattails and sited on the grand stairs at the foot of Hollybridge Way, the sculpture is visible from the Dyke Trail, Dinsmore Bridge and No. 2 Road Bridge.  

As a natural indicator of water presence, the indigenous typha plant makes an apt visual marker for the Fraser River, symbolically connecting the community to this vital water source.

This artwork marks the completion of the Oval Precinct and Surrounding Area Public Art Plan, and is an important addition to the existing collection of high profile and diverse works.


Charlotte Wall is a Vancouver-based artist whose art reflects her belief in the importance of free communication, fluidities and multiple experiences. Puya Khalili is a designer and artist based in Vancouver who draws from his background in art, architecture and film to create art that inspires curiosity and encourages viewers to question fixed perceptions of the world around them.

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