Richmond asks residents to support drain and snow clearing as weather patterns change

22 December 2022

The weather forecast calls for more snow and freezing rain followed immediately by warmer temperatures and heavy rainfall (up to 30 mm) this evening through Saturday (December 22 to 24).

With this comes a unique situation of heavy snow and rain, followed by melting snow. Richmond’s extensive pump and storm water system is more than capable of handling the forecasted rainfall amounts. The challenge will be clearing the way for the volume of water to reach the drainage system, thus preventing pooling and localized flooding. This is where the City is asking residents to help.

Beginning today and for the next few days, property owners and occupants are asked to assist by clearing the snow from storm drains, gutters and catch basins located adjacent to the concrete curb in front of their home. This will help the water drain as it melts and avoid instances of localized flooding.

Here is how the City is prepared:

  • Richmond has one of the most comprehensive flood protection systems in BC, with 39 drainage pump stations, capable of pumping 52 million litres of water per minute when operating at full capacity.
  • Multiple crews and additional support staff are scheduled to work 24/7 to ensure ice build-up and snow is cleared from the City’s drainage system on main arterial roads, including storm drains, catch basins, ditches, culverts and gutters on arterial routes. This will allow the melting snow water to travel to the pump stations.
  • Extra call takers will be on hand at the City’s 24/7 Dispatch Line at 604-270-8721 to respond to issues on a priority basis.

Here is what property owners and occupants are asked to do:

  • Remove snow and ice from the catch basins on and near your property and storm drains on the street(s) around your property.
  • If your neighbour is out of town or needs assistance, please try to clear their storm drains and catch basins as well.
  • Do not park vehicles on any main arterial roads (Priority 1 and 2 roads), if possible, because snow plows will be coming through to clear the gutters adjacent to the curbs so the melting snow can drain into the catch basins. Please see the snow response route map.

For more information: