Keep combustibles out of your fall celebration plans

20 October 2022

The City of Richmond and Richmond Fire-Rescue are reminding residents that it is illegal to possess, buy, sell or detonate fireworks and firecrackers in the City without a permit.

While fireworks and firecrackers already pose significant safety concerns, this fall’s unusually dry conditions have contributed to a Fire Danger Rating that reaches up to Extreme in many nearby regions. With dry trees, brush and undergrowth, sparks can catch and fires can spread quickly resulting in significant property damage, injury or even death.

Under Richmond’s Fire Protection and Life Safety Bylaw 8306, offences and fines include:

  • purchasing fireworks ($1,000 fine)
  • displaying fireworks for sale ($1,000 fine)
  • selling or distributing fireworks ($1,000 fine)
  • ignition of fireworks without a permit ($400 fine)

Richmond Fire-Rescue along with City Bylaw Enforcement staff and the RCMP will be actively patrolling the community to watch for illegal use of fireworks and other safety issues to ensure the public is safe during the upcoming festival times.

While the City recognizes that some people may wish to use fireworks or firecrackers as part of their celebrations, a zero-tolerance approach will be in place. Staff and emergency personnel are asking for support from the community to keep people safe and enjoyable for everyone

To report fireworks-related complaints, call the Richmond RCMP non-emergency line at 604-278-1212

For more information, please visit: Richmond Fire-Rescue.