Renewal work begins at Richmond’s Minoru Park lakes district

21 March 2022

Visitors to Richmond’s Minoru Park will soon witness the revitalization of one of the parks signature areas – its lakes district. Beginning April, the lakes district will be closed to visitors as extensive revitalization work takes place until it is unveiled in early 2023.

The updated design features a new cascading waterfall, new plaza areas, site furnishings, paved pathways and boardwalks with lighting, planting focused on ecological benefits, and more. The design incorporates best management practices where possible related to sustainability and circular economy initiatives.

Renewal of the lakes, located in the northern area of the park, is a result of a combination of factors including ageing and inefficient infrastructure. Extensive public consultation through the broader Minoru Park Vision Plan made it clear that lakes are a valued amenity. New designs were developed in keeping with the original form while integrating needed enhancements.

Areas closed during construction include the existing lakes and plaza areas, pathways and trails north of the canal including the pedestrian bridges, and portions of the Bowling Green Road parking lot. Other amenities within the 26 hectare (65 acre) Minoru Park remain open including the Minoru oval track, sport fields, playground, and chapel gardens.

Once the work is complete, the Minoru lakes district will be similar in size and character as it is today. It will be a place of tranquility and respite, where visitors can quietly stroll or rest and connect with nature. The revitalization work will improve environmental and ecological benefits, the form and function of the lakes, and reduce ongoing maintenance requirements.

For more information, call the City’s Parks Department at 604-244-1208 or visit