Be a Snow Angel this winter and help a neighbour

09 November 2022

The City of Richmond is looking for Snow Angel volunteers this winter season to help clear snow from the homes of residents who are elderly, ill or have mobility concerns. When signing up, volunteers can choose the geographic area to work in and the amount of time to volunteer during snow fall events.

“The Snow Angels Program, provided by individuals, families, students and businesses, showcases the commitment from our community to keep our residents safe and connected,” says Mayor Malcolm Brodie. “Helping neighbours clear snow provides volunteers with an opportunity to make a difference and helps to ensure that Richmond residents have an enjoyable and safe winter.”

This volunteer-driven program activates only when there is an accumulation of three or more centimetres of snow in Richmond. Volunteers will make every effort to help registered residents, however assistance cannot always be guaranteed.

Volunteers will be provided with a shovel, toque and container of ice melt. To learn more about being a Snow Angel volunteer visit, call 604-247-4453 or e-mail Volunteers can select the geographic community to serve including their own neighbourhoods or any location citywide.

Residents that would like the services of the Snow Angels Program are asked to apply by Friday, December 9. Applications received after December 9 will be added to a waitlist. To apply, contact the Snow Angels Coordinator at or call 604-247-4453.

For more information on other snow removal services, the Snow Angels Program and winter preparedness information, visit