A.R. MacNeill Secondary School

A.R. MacNeill Secondary School, 2004.

A.R. MacNeill Secondary School in 2004.
City of Richmond Archives
Photograph 2004 43 2.

A.R. MacNeill Secondary Secondary School (2003- ) is the newest of the schools in Richmond. It was built on No. 4 Road near Westminster Highway to serve a projected growth in population in the area.

Presently the school houses the district’s gifted student program known as the Incentive School.

A.R. McNeill, 1945.

A.R. MacNeill in 1945, when
he was principal of Richmond
High School. City of Richmond
Archives Reference Collection.

Roy MacNeill (1903-1981) was born in Port Arthur, Ontario, and moved with his family to British Columbia in 1910.

Roy attended the University of British Columbia and was one of its first graduates from the Education Faculty in 1923. He began teaching English at Bridgeport School, and when Richmond Secondary was opened in 1928, he became its first principal, a position which he held until 1959. After 1959, he held the post of Director of Secondary Instruction until he retired in 1968.

Forty-three years as an educator in the Richmond School District is a feat in itself.