Schools of the 1980s and Beyond

1980 to 2005

Remains of Bridgeport School, 1984.

The demolition of Bridgeport School on February 8, 1984. City of
Richmond Archives Photograph
1984 4 38. Click to enlarge image.

Between 1980 and 2005, Richmond's population nearly doubled and new schools continued to be required to keep pace with expanding neighbourhoods and new developments. At the same time, a number of schools were closed due to provincial and local budget constraints and to declining enrolment in neighbourhoods with changing demographics.

The following schools were closed between 1980 and 2005: Bridgeport Elementary School (1980), Eburne Elementary School (1982), Austin Harris Elementary School (1991), B.W. Garratt Elementary School (2003), Rideau Park Elementary School (2003), Alexander Kilgour Elementary School (2003) and Sidaway Elementary School (2005).

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